China-Europe Day Adult VR Hardware PK Which model will you prefer?

Since VR, there has been a direct relationship with adult content. Because you know that this kind of immersive experience is best suited to adult content. But soon people will come to see VR movies. It can only be seen. This is just an immersive experience that comes from sight and hearing. This is not enough. If you can add touch to the process of watching a small movie, it's cool! It is with this idea that in the VR industry, adult somatosensory devices always develop faster than game somatosensory devices. Today Xiao Bian introduced three cool VR adult devices to everyone.

BKK: Hong Kong-Taiwan-style adult VR helmets and specialties (ji) (bei) BKK is a Hong Kong company. Their VR adult hardware is produced by VR helmets, mobile phones, apps, and fei (for fei). Ji) set up (bei) prepared.

To see this cool debut approach, Morodoo initially thought that BKK was a killer organization. A BKK adult VR device that is hidden in a safe and is white smoke.

After wearing it, everyone will understand it.

The BKK adult VR's fei (ji) device (bei) is able to connect with the mobile phone's bluetooth and then interact according to the contents of the app.

On the App, the user can choose six postures and freely with the heroine, is simply otaku artifact.

The key is that BKK adult VR equipment is not expensive, only need to spend 149 US dollars to come to such a set. Whether you can't wait.
VirtuaDolls: Europe and the United States, pay more attention to interactive special operating equipment and BKK's two-piece different, the United States company VirtuaDolls focus on the operating experience. They combined game controllers and fei (bei) devices to create the most powerful interactive experience.

Seeing such a big thing, Xiao Bian knew it had something to expect.

Automatic friction and squeezing bring a comfortable interactive experience.

Equipped with automatic cleaning function to maintain a clean experience environment.

The development company also provides users with a heroic game experience. Successfully rescued the girl, she will be in favor of each other, this setting instantly hit the otaku chicken blood.

VirtuaDolls development team is not easy, manual design and debugging, as well as 3D printing, all used. You only need to spend $199 to get a full set of equipment.
Illusion VR: A few romantic devices, but also to see the island If you think that the island's VR adult equipment is still in the inflatable doll stage, then you are too low.
Push-ups to see the bottom of her sister's skirt now become the past. It is not a complete body of an adult VR in the island country.

The most powerful VR adult device has been born in the island country - Illusion VR, an artifact that combines traditional style and operation experience.

You see this array of devices: Touch VR gloves, Gear VR, Simulator, Automatic fei (bei) equipment, and special clothing. The island’s people’s talent in adulthood is at a glance.

So, to experience it, it is such an effect that you see Moruojun stunned!

However, Illusion VR is a limited edition product with limited supply, and the price is about 40,000 yen, which is about 2500 renminbi.
So, you can find a few friends to raise money and buy one, so you all have a girlfriend!

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