Smart TV buy new ideas three major points to measure full resolution

The sale of smart TVs has prompted the launch of a large number of new models. In the face of numerous smart TV products, it has become the most concern for users. As a veteran TV enthusiast, if you do not choose a single What do you mean to say that you watch TV every day when you think about your own TV? Of course, the above is pure joking. However, if you want to avoid detours when you purchase your TV, you may wish to refer to the following three suggestions to ensure that you find a satisfactory smart TV when you buy a TV.

Proposal 1: The quality of the TV is the key, and the upgraded version is naturally complete

Recalling the development of television in recent years, television was added with network functions in 2011. In 2012, smart TVs began to drive away on the TV Boulevard. Today, smart TVs almost completely plundered the aura of traditional TVs. Nowadays, after the vigorous promotion of smart TV manufacturers, many people think that smart TV is the development direction of the future TV. As soon as possible, TVs without intelligent functions will be eliminated by the market. Having said that, we still wonder if the elimination of traditional TV sets was promoted by us or was it promoted by us under the leadership of smart TV manufacturers? Furthermore, where do we need the core of the TV?

I thought it was picture quality and it was 2D picture quality. This is the core function of the TV and it is also the key to the cost of the TV. The essential function of the TV is to watch the player of the audio-visual program. In the case that the playback effect is kept at a level, other functions have to be discussed. The format of USB playback support is complete (but this is still a bit useful), the network function is perfect, and there are many smart features, and it is not worth making a point on the picture quality. What's more, the so-called smart function nowadays is nothing more than loading an Android chip that is less than 200 yuan. It supports multiple playback formats with only a few decoding functions (the cost does not exceed 100 yuan). I go to TB to buy A 299 HD player, the effect is much better than these do not know the so-called TV comes with features.

However, the improvement of the picture quality is at the cost of the cost. Consumers may not necessarily feel it. The change in the smart function is real to consumers. For example, when a friend visits his home, he takes a TV and plays an angry bird, or looks up at 1024 and enjoys some pictures. Well, it's very good and powerful!! It's easier than watching a Blu-ray movie to introduce his own picture quality. Smart features are equipped to show off weapon. Do not you see now even stubborn sony, sharp, Panasonic have put down the posture to do smart TV, and domestic TV will not spare more force to recommend smart, so that they can completely avoid the drawbacks of its quality.

Take the millet TV as an example:

Instead of using millet TV as a TV, it would be more appropriate to consider him as a full-dimming ipad of a larger size. The price of this size is quite good. The premise is that the quality can be bought, and as far as the picture quality is concerned, don't expect it.

According to the standard of traditional TVs, Xiaomi TV does not have a one-dollar relationship with the television parameters other than the screen brand. What Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 quad-core 1.7GHz, 2GB memory / 8GB flash memory.

11 key minimalist remote control, subversive interactive mode. WiFi dual-band, Bluetooth 4.0. Deep customization of the MIUI TV version, typical tablet parameters, and semi-rendered relationship with TV parameters are not available.

Therefore, for those friends who are pursuing a little bit of quality, don't care about what network, smart features, buy a TV with good picture quality and high-definition player, which is definitely more useful than any smart function. You have to know that 2D picture quality reflects the TV The cost of the machine, not the additional intelligence.

There may be students to ask, why not say 3D picture quality. First of all, the 3D image quality is actually 2D image quality, and the 3D essence is composed of 2D images. Second, I insist that the current 3D viewing mode is “anti-human”, and the level of tastelessness is far greater than the smart function. The 60-inch 3D must be seen within 2m, and it is uncomfortable for the eyes to be longer, let alone the spectacles that are sadly reminded. Only waiting for the future holographic naked eye 3D, when we come to talk about 3D image quality.

Recommendation II: flat-panel TVs speak better than the brand

People often ask me if the XX brand TV is better, there are many "masters" who come up and say that the XX brand is good, and the XX brand is no longer acceptable. In fact, the development of flat-panel TVs, in addition to Pioneer this cargo is high-end goods from start to finish (not the pioneer of that domestic OEM ah), other joint venture brands have high-end and low-end, so when it comes to television is good and bad, according to It depends on the specific model, but it cannot be said that certain brands are better than certain brands. Of course, on the whole, the quality of the joint venture brand is definitely better than the domestic brand.

To say one thing more, when it comes to Pioneer, it's really embarrassing. In 2008, I went to the Shanghai Baiyidian home appliance counter to watch the TV and saw that the Sony X300a series was shocked by heaven. I saw Panasonic plasma pz880a think that sony was so, to the vanguard of the counter, only to know that other are clouds, etc. To the price suddenly stunned urine and evaluation of the finest LCD sharp series of quality in foreign countries, in fact, is the sharp screen plus Pioneer's chip (in fact, is the light of the sharp borrower), cnet to PRO-70X5FD quality rating is a perfect score , And cost is a sad reminder of 4 points, are interested can see this link: Sharp Elite PRO-70X5FD. Unfortunately, televisions are now fast-moving consumer goods. Pioneers have long disappeared in China. Don't mention domestic pioneers. There is no pioneering half-money technology!!!! Pioneer sells brands to Suning and does not know Gome. Similarly, Philips, Sanyo (looks like this product has not been in the country before how the tablet), the vast majority of Toshiba (TCL OEM) are selling themselves.

Once each brand has its own characteristics, such as sony has always been dominant in the history of chip optimization and dynamic performance, Panasonic high-end plasma and small size LCD ever invincible in the world (Pioneer removed!), Samsung LCD highlight high contrast to please the eyes before Plasma cost-effective, sharp high-end machine is delicate but the black bit is deep but the chip drags back. LG can see a large response time of the angle but the light leakage control is not forceful, and the Toshiba chip optimizes the world second. As the television continues to shrink and homogenize, the quality of the TV is more dependent on the shrinkage of each model and the manufacturer's conscience.

Similarly, unlike the display's pursuit of the ips panel, the TV panel brand is far less important than most people think. Cost is the key to the decision panel. For example, Sony 12 years 65hx950 LED LCD TV with a Taiwan screen, compared with the Sony 55HX950 LED LCD TV with Samsung screen picture quality is no less, is far better than 13 years also uses the Samsung panel Sony 55w950 LED LCD TV. The ips panel lg, 12 years ago did not see its outstanding performance in the television market. Similarly, the so-called sharp Kameyama screen, in addition to the panel provided to Sony's professional monitor down to 65rx1 and 65xs1a, the other panel is not particularly superior place (by the way, tell everyone that sharp high-end ASV three-color panel The cost and quality are much better than the current four-color panel). The only thing that needs attention is the panel brand. When the same model is used to replace the panel brand, don't worry if he uses Sharp to switch to Samsung, or if LG turns to Taiwan, it's definitely not as good as the original panel!!!

PS: The monitor does not like to use the ips panel to find the industry doubters. The original answer is as follows: “The notebooks and mobile phones have poor backlight, and they need high-purity panels. TV is not particularly needed.”

Recommendation 3: LCD panels are important, but others are also important

From the above panel topic, most valued friends are very fancy with the panel, but they are less valued for other aspects. This has an important relationship with the company's publicity, especially sharp, Samsung, lg these manufacturers do their own panels, but also is vigorously promote the importance of the panel. In fact, a good picture quality television, a good panel, backlight, chip circuit is crucial. Just like the three major elements of television quality: clarity, dynamics, and color, all three are very important. We cannot focus on only one of them. Of course, for gamers and sports fans, dynamics are the most crucial; for movies and art films, color cannot be forgiven; for love movies, clarity and mosaicing are the most important (Just That day, TV has this function estimated to be able to sell mad.)

1, the panel:

Resolution, this is not much to say, the impact of clarity, has evolved to 4K; response time, determine the dynamic, unfortunately now are not marked.

Good machine is generally grayscale 4ms, color response speed 8ms. It is worth noting that the resolution of the 4k panel is double because of the resolution, even if it is 4ms gray response speed, color response speed is only 16ms.

Screen refresh rate, which is also the decision dynamic, now a good panel is 200hz (true 4x speed), x9000a turned out to be 120hz, unable to Tucao! So x9000a is a very good digital photo frame.

Here to say one more thing, now what the manufacturer's double speed to 800, it seems 16 times faster, similar to Sony's xr800, lg mic800, in fact, are nonsense. The true double speed is now the highest 4x speed, because the panel refresh rate is the highest 200hz, manufacturers only calculate the backlight scan, so there will be 800 such exaggerated data, the so-called xr800 is 4x speed + progressive scan, Xr400 is 4x speed + half screen scanning.

The number of color bits, which influences the transition and level of color, is actually a very important parameter. Before Panasonic plasma machine pz880 to 16bit, xs1a is the highest 12bit LCD TV, the former high-end LCD are 10bit, are now shrinking to 8bit or even 6bit. I heard that Sony's new x950b is a 10bit panel and hopes to have good color performance (when this article was written, it was reported that x950b is not a full 10bit, 4k only supports 8bit/yuv420. Sony, do not die will not die! ).

Contrast, this needs to work with the backlight. But remember two points, first, do not control what the dynamic contrast, this is false data, the brightness can be increased a little high dynamic contrast, more reference is the ansi full-screen contrast, can count over 2000 machines The second is that if there is a zone-controlled machine, the data of ansi contrast will not be cooked. For the reason, see the backlight section below.

The color filter effect and color gamut (influence of color expression), the former of these two data witnessed the shrinking history of the LCD panel, and the latter witnessed what is called shrinking and opportunism, as I detailed in the second article.

2, backlight:

Under normal circumstances, RGBLED backlight CCFL backlight straight down wled backlight + regional control light side into WLED backlight + regional control light ordinary direct type and side-in wled backlight.

RGBLED is basically a luxury-grade machine. In history, I remember using RGBlED's Japanese machine:

1,46qulia005, need to book, the price seems to be more than 100,000, the best color in the history of sony civilian tablet, the best workmanship;

2, sony70x300a, the price of more than 400,000 monsters, sony civil synthesis of the strongest machine;

3, sharp65/52xs1a, the price of 12999/99999, the best machine in the history of sharp, I was lucky to engage in one, drying single posted here;

4, sony55x4500, the cheapest RGBLED TV, about 50,000 or so. The high cost of RGBLEDs is now completely eliminated.

Ccfl backlight because the relationship between energy saving has also been eliminated, in fact, from the spectrum perspective, ccfl backlight color and uniformity better than wled backlight, but energy-saving emission reduction is the current trend. This is why the last few machines in the lcd era are the kings of the end of the picture quality. Even when the lcd has fallen to low-end machines, there are still several LCDs that are still proud of most LCDs, such as the sony little cx520. , sharp ge220, etc., these machines because of the relatively low prices of lcd backlight, but the picture quality is better than the same grade or even a few high-level led chip.

WLED compared with the traditional lcd backlight, one is life, from the original can see 10 years to become able to watch 30 years; Second, the brightness is high, in fact lcd's brightness is fully enough, plasma brightness home is enough, we do not need Xiao Sun; The third is energy saving, in line with current energy conservation and environmental protection requirements.

Unfortunately, in the current era of cost savings, the wale backlight quality defects are obvious.

The first is that the color gamut is relatively low. Ccfl lamp is generally 72% ~ 92%, led 68% ~ 88%. In 13 years, the quantum wide color gamut of Sony is a bright spot, but the color cast is obvious, and the color transition is not as good as the old and wide color gamut.

The second is obvious light leakage and poor performance in dark scenes. Led is actually a small light bulb, in order to save costs and reduce the thickness, most of the led flat panel is equipped with led bulbs on both sides, the so-called side-entry led, with respect to the lamp with the LCD, side-in type led because The brightness is more inhomogeneous, it is very easy to cause the light leakage phenomenon, the scene of the dark part is performed more badly (this is originally one of the big soft ribs of the liquid crystal with respect to the plasma). However, to solve this problem is not too difficult, direct led + local control light can alleviate this problem (remember, both are indispensable, even the latter is more important, so cheap direct type is actually not significant) Only spend more money and increase the thickness. At the same time, the number of regional backlights is also critical, and the same size television 512 partition and 16 partition are two concepts. . . . . . Sony's final 55hx950 seems to be 256 partitions, w900 seems to be only 16 partitions. Side-entry wled backlight area backlight is because the partition can not do more (in fact, do more and useless) so the effect is not good. However, from the evaluation point of view, the regional control light is a large killer for contrast and black level, as long as there is regional control light, the black level can be very low, so it can have a high ansi contrast, but it is only measured bullfrog, dark part The details are gone.

3, chips and circuits, etc.:

In fact, these two have been ignored, the chip and circuit can affect almost all the parameters of the TV, the common point is the low-rate chip source optimization (sony, Toshiba's strengths), monosodium glutamate DRC circuit, multiplier insertion technology (to be If you look at it clearly, whether it is an analog frame or a black frame, the analog frame is better than the black frame.) The high-end has 10bit or even 12bit color input and output, full-screen anti-aliasing (this is very important for gamers, sony's high-end LCD 10 years ago, Panasonic The high-end plasma before the 10 series has this optimization), the cell processor is used for precise color control (local Toshiba model x1000c); the luxury level has a texture correction circuit (only for the 46qulia005 generation machine, the wega chip is really powerful!) . Sadly, these high-end optimization features have now disappeared.

Speaking of this, everyone knows that TV is not a pure electronics industry like mobile phones and computers. To list these, in fact, let everyone know when to buy a TV, which parameters to understand, but some parameters manufacturers do not publish (you do not publish the reason you know), but the key is still announced.

In the end, Xiao Bian asked me to recommend some machines. To say something offensive, the machines on the market this year are basically not as good as the 12-year-old machines. Take the more familiar sony examples and they mainly show:

The direct-type backlight disappeared, and the area controlled light shrink. The Sony 55hx950 is 256 partitions (not remembered, it may be 128), and Sony w900, Sony w950 two series of side-entry backlight, only 32 do not know 16 partitions, Even the x9000 series has no direct backlight.

Sharpness and sharpness are further degraded, especially if you look at cable and 720p, obviously not as sharp and clear as the old models.

The high-end series is rich in color, but it is very difficult to tune, and the so-called wide color gamut is obviously the product of the examination. The actual effect cannot be compared with the old and wide color gamut machines.

The most critical is that the X9000a series did not have the expected excellent (Sony Sony KD-65X9000A LCD TV), side-entry backlight, 120hz panel destined x9000a can only be a high-priced digital photo frame.