9 yuan Mi millet 16000mAh version of mobile power use evaluation

The National Day holiday on the Eleventh National Day is ready to go out to play. Because they do not like to “hang the urine bags” at ordinary times, they have not purchased mobile power, but they still use the ones they have obtained at a distance to get one. The friend was informed that he sent me a 16,000mAh mobile power supply for the millet. He told me that he had bought a few extra items before he was greedy and asked him how much money. He told me that the Jingdong had bought 9 yuan last year!

The packaging of millet mobile power is pure white. It seems that the products of Xiaomi's ecological chain adopt this style. There is only a simple “MI” logo on the front. The basic information of mobile power is printed on the side of the box. It can be seen from this mobile power supply. The capacity is 16000mAh, uses LG/ Panasonic battery (non-polymer battery), 2 USB ports, single port maximum output 5.1V/2.1A.

Open the box is the body of the mobile power, there is a USB charging cable.

Micro USB charging line, white noodle line, this line can be really short, it seems to have to prepare the root point of the line with, or can not move the power pack, the phone while charging.

Outside the mobile power is affixed with a film, aluminum alloy metal body, both sides are rounded arc, the border has a chamfer, the overall work is still possible, the appearance is also a simple route to go, only the front below the "MI" Logo.

There is a white sticker on the outside of the input and output ports of the mobile power supply. This mobile power supply seems to have never been used. To open the sticker, you can see the power switch, battery indicator, Micro USB port (input), and 2 on this side. USB interface (output)

The appearance is so simple, next we look at the use of this mobile power charging situation, through the socket to charge the millet mobile power, charging effect measured as 5V, 1.24A power 6.2W, as a mobile power supply 16000mAh how long it must be charged, the actual Under the test, it took about 10 hours to fill up from 0. This charging time is really too long.

How does that charge the phone? Put millet 5 out, for a commonly used USB charging cable, which is only 5V, 1.18A ah, looks like no "package effect", does not support fast charging This is quite egg pain, as can be washed several times, anyway I charge three times the power indicator of the mobile power supply is still two grids, this battery is still enough, after all, 16000mAh.

to sum up

Millet mobile power 16000mAh version last year's product, using Panasonic LG's 18650 battery instead of polymer battery, the overall workmanship can be said to be excellent, while the weight is also very touching, whether it is to charge the mobile power or use mobile power to charge the phone There is no fast charge, this very egg hurts, personal advice is that if you want to have a better experience try to buy a fast-charged mobile power.