Giant screen trend unstoppable micro whale 65-inch TV first test in the country

As a traditional home appliance product, television has been developing for decades. However, as an essential part of a living room in a home, TV has been constantly undergoing innovation and evolution in its technological development. Bigger, thinner and clearer has become the direction of the development of the television industry today. As an Internet TV brand that has only been established for one year, Microwhale Technology has taken a place in Internet TV with a pragmatic style. Although the "entry" soon, but the product iterative speed is very fast, this year in July released its 55-inch curved TV W55C1J, but three months, followed by the trend of the big screen era, brought us a 65-inch Giant Screen TV W65L.

Little Whale W65L

As we all know, the larger the screen of the TV, the stronger the presence of the audience. Large screens give the viewer a great sense of presence. A clear picture can bring immersive realism. In the era when modern people are increasingly looking for a better life entertainment experience, the popularity of 4K ultra high definition and larger and better screen panels has become an inevitable trend.

65 inches 4K large screen

It is understood that this TV is equipped with a 65-inch Samsung original imported RGB true 4K LCD screen, resolution up to 38,402,160, the resolution is 4 times full HD 1080P. Has a 178-degree wide viewing angle, so that the picture can be clearly presented at any angle. And with a high-quality backlight module and carefully tuned Ultra HD image engine, each color is naturally pure. The world on the screen is extremely vivid and vivid, bringing about a stunning feeling of excitement, so that every detail in the picture is presented to the user in a clear and sharp manner.

Of course, how to bring super-strong immersion, single 4K large screen is not enough, HDR is this year, most TV manufacturers are vigorously developing display technology, HDR of course is also a key part of enhancing immersion, the current HDR should be It has become the standard for high-end TVs and is the most important display technology since 4K. The Micro Whale W65L also incorporates HDR quality technology, which provides more dynamic range and image details than ordinary images. The most intuitive effect is that the dark parts perform even more deeply and without losing detail, the brightness of the picture has also been significantly improved. , thereby enhancing contrast. Better reflect the details of the picture, as well as the real visual effects.

Although this micro-whale TV has not yet officially launched, but according to the information obtained by the author, this TV's product positioning does not belong to the micro-whale top LCD TV, but still has many features: 9.9mm all-metal ultra-thin Body, HiFi-class built-in stereo, 64-bit 8-core chip, WUI operating system, Bluetooth 4.1 and mass-quality video content. Following the author, let's take a look at the performance of this TV.

Appearance: 65 吋 imported 4K big screen full sense of presence

The advantage of a large-screen TV is that it allows users to enjoy a movie-like presence without leaving the door. According to the IMAX screen standard for star theaters, the ratio of the area of ​​the movie theater to the width of the screen is 13.6:1, while that of the Chinese living room is approximately 20. M2, in the 3.0-4.5m viewing distance, to enjoy the IMAX level viewing effect, to buy a 65-inch TV is enough to match the theater, not only solved the queuing ticket environment noisy troubles, but also enhance the family harmony The days when the whole family get together to watch a movie will surely feel happy.

Microwhale W65L positive overall

The whole body adopts space gray color, which can better integrate different home styles. Compared with other colors, space ash has higher requirements on quality, and it needs to undergo repeated debugging and strict color difference control over hundreds of times. Space ash is both classic calm and elegant luxury.

Micro Whale W65L Border

The thinnest part of the TV frame is only 9.9mm. The front frame of the TV adopts frosted and anodized technology. It feels full of texture and gives people a feeling of high-end atmosphere. It matches the space-grade high-strength aluminum alloy frame, making it slim and lightweight. The sturdy and straight fuselage ensures the stability of the whole machine.

Micro whale W65L fuselage thickness of only 9.9mm

Bottom micro whale LOGO

Thanks to the patented audio technology and outstanding structural design of the Micro Whale, the Micro Whale W65L challenges the physical limit, and the HiFi-class sound is built into the slim body of only 9.9 mm thick, allowing users to purchase an external speaker without having to buy an external speaker. The HiFi-class sound quality can also be enjoyed with audio. Due to its thickness design, the ultra-thin TV adopts a rear design for the audio source, and the mid-high frequency audio is less directional. The Micro Whale W65L adopts an optimized sound guide plate design, which has stronger mid-high frequency directivity and provides more real audio directionality and presence.

Micro Whale W65L Base

The base continues the previous bridge-inspired pedestal design for the Little Whale TV, which is simple and solid. Surface application of dust-free nano-spraying technology, also has a very strong sense of metal, and the fuselage better integration.

Microwhale W65L back whole

Most traditional TVs focus only on what the user can see, but they ignore the back design that they don't often see. The micro whale TV design is still very meticulous, the back plate uses a full metal integration design with metal wire drawing process, so that I can not help but touch two more.

Back interface section

Above the interface layout, equipped with two USB3.0, two HDMI, network port, AV input, UART, antenna, to meet the daily use needs.

Back five-way navigation keys

The back is still equipped with a five-dimensional navigation key design, users can not act as a remote control can serve as a TV remote control in case of need.

Micro Whale W65L Remote Control

In terms of remote control, this TV is still using the previous design style, with a rounded corners and surface sandblasting process, the handle feels delicate and warm. Using the latest Bluetooth 4.1 BLE module, support up to 12m connection range while reducing power consumption by 90% compared to Bluetooth 3.0. Users can also connect Bluetooth gamepad, Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth stereo, Bluetooth bracelet and other external devices to enjoy connected entertainment.

System: WUI waterfall flow interface is intuitive and easy to operate

As for the system, the Micro Whale W65L is equipped with the latest generation of WUI operating system, and the smooth and natural use experience is the basis of the entire system. The micro-whale re-optimized the Android system, using a more flat waterfall flow homepage design, which has doubled the search path, allowing users to find what they want faster.

System main interface

The TV uses a 64-bit desktop computer architecture chip, chip performance than the previous generation 32-processor Cortex-A7 increased by 70%. With advanced 64-bit operating system, whether it is watching high-definition video, open applications or play games are smooth and non-stop. There is almost no delay in the author's actual operation experience, and the operation fluency is very high.

Wonderful recommendation

The system interface is mainly divided into my TV, wonderful recommendation, classification, application, and setting of five major sections, which are very intuitive to the eyes of the user. My TV can also record the programs that you love to watch according to the usual preferences, each time you open You will be recommended to watch the menu while watching TV. At the same time, there are movie theaters, my application, music radio, and settings. In the upper right, there are status bars for weather, time, region, and network.

Classification interface

Application interface

Profile selection

Night volume control

In the setting interface, the user can adjust the scene mode according to the needs of the viewing. Different modes can bring better results when viewing different resources. At the same time, the micro-whale W65L also has a dynamic backlight adjustment function, so that in the dark picture, you will not see the backlight, so that black is even more profound. The nightly volume control function is also a very intimate place for this TV. From 11 in the evening to 8 in the morning, if this function is enabled, the TV will automatically reduce the volume and make it fully human.

Wireless screen operation process

Micro whale mobile phone companion

Micro Whale W65L also has a wireless screen-casting function. Whether it is a mobile phone, a Pad or a computer can be screencasted to a TV, and the operation steps are very simple. Taking the iPhone as an example, the user only needs to open the control menu of the mobile phone, open the AirPlay option, and select the default “microwhales in the living room” option, so that the contents of the mobile phone can be screencasted to the TV. This not only brings great convenience to users in entertainment, but also can be applied to office use. At the same time in the micro whale official website can also download a small whale TV exclusive mobile phone partner, using this app can be used as a TV remote control phone, you can also order video, install TV applications and intercept TV screen.

Content: Tencent video + Mango TV content is powerful

In terms of content resources, the Micro Whale TV relies on strong production examples of Chinese culture to integrate high-quality content resources at home and abroad, including large-scale cinemas of Tencent video, strong media variety show of Hunan Satellite TV and Mango TV, and 2000+-hour TVB movie library. As well as the BBC’s documentary, etc., whether it is a variety show or a movie or television drama, the program that you want to watch can be found on almost all of the micro-whale TVs. Tracing drama in front of the TV is also more worrying, all can see, do not have to move to multiple screens more than one background, not to mention there are free members.

Movie interface

After the actual experience, the author found that the micro-whale W65L TV video resources can not be used to describe the rich "multi", and even can be said to be full coverage, many hot and many movies can be found on this TV. Not only that, in terms of the movie interface, in addition to numerous movie theaters, the classification of the left side of the TV is very detailed: it is divided into movie theaters, Tencent Hollywood, guessing you like, movie feature, movie focus, featured theater, and movie. Special Zone, Billion Box Office, Movie Trailer, Animated Film, Mandarin Collection, European and American Giants, Japan and South Korea Asia Pacific, Comedy Comedy, Fourteen Sections, Users can choose according to personal preferences, not to suffer from wanting to watch a type of movie Hard to find.

The hit movie "Chills 2"

In the opening of each movie or TV show, the Micro Whale W65L TV also added a video rating and profile, through which you can have a preliminary understanding of the quality of the movie before watching the movie, and the right side also added some of the same theme type Similar videos, introductions by actor directors, and film reviews make it possible to do work on a computer or mobile phone that was previously possible on television.

The hit movie "Chills 2"

Through the actual playing test of several movies, the Micro Whale W65L TV has done very well in the definition of the source of the film and television. Basically, each work has a 4K or Blu-ray source. The viewing process is very smooth and there is no obvious Catton. It is worth mentioning that there are no advertisements for all sources, and the viewing experience is very enjoyable.

TV show interface

TV series "Fantasy City"

TV series "Qingyun Zhi"

The domestic hit TV dramas "Qingyun Zhi", "Fantasy City", "Sparrow" and "Small Parting" can all be found on this TV. The picture quality is very good. We can see from the above picture the mission facial details. All show well. Of course, in addition to domestic TV dramas, the Micro Whale W65L also includes hit TVB, Japan and South Korea, American TV dramas, and British dramas. It feels like it is enough to satisfy the preferences of various groups of people.

Variety interface

New Chinese song

We all know that the Little Whale TV has become the only Internet TV brand designated by this year's new Chinese song, which means that Micro Whale TV enjoys the exclusive content and resource advantages of “New Chinese Songs” and can also use the micro whale platform All micro-whale users provide exclusive panoramic channels. For micro-whale users, this way of providing exclusive channels will mean that micro-whale users will enjoy more convenient viewing methods, which is a powerful measure to enhance and improve the user experience. .

Anime interface

Sports area

In the sports area, the Micro Whale W65L TV not only has the rights to connect to the Super League, the Club World Cup, the Football Association Cup and the China University Student Football League, but also provides exciting events such as the CBA, Bundesliga, and Champions League. Micro Whale TV has become the official TV partner of the Premier League Football Club in China. What kind of change Guardiola will expect this season to bring to the city, whether Manchester City can round the Champions League dream, micro-whale TV will witness with the fans.

VR area

Surprisingly, during the course of use, the author also discovered the VR video zone, which also benefited from the investment of micro-whales in the field of VR. At present, the largest VR investment in China is micro-whale technology. 12 teams of micro-whales go to all corners of the world for VR shooting, and micro-whales have also stepped up research and development of VR devices. However, the pragmatic, low-information micro-whale did not name such a unique experience as "VR TV."

Application interface

Nowadays, with the continuous development of smart TVs, TVs can also install a variety of application applications to mobile phones. The Whale W65L application interface is mainly divided into audio and video entertainment, health sports, practical tools, learning and education, life and leisure games, and game games. selected. Massive genuine software applications have made special adaptations to the WW system of the Micro Whale, making the operation experience more smooth.

Beva Songs

The Beva children's song contains a wealth of natural knowledge and common sense. It is one of the mediums that help children understand things and understand the world. There are many classic songs that are catchy and well-liked. Their lively language, rich lyrics, and distinct musicality and sense of rhythm are important ways to cultivate children's sense of music and aesthetics. It is hoped that through the singing of the sound of the child's voice and the high-quality sound effects, the baby can listen to the songs, feel the charm of music, and grow healthily in a relaxed, cheerful and natural state.

Objective Instrument Test: Achieve the upper reaches of the industry

In order to make the display better, Microwhale chose the top 10bit panel that is generally used only for professional image design. This panel can display 1.07 billion colors, and the color difference performance is 64 times higher than that of the 8bit panel, resulting in richer colors. Hierarchy, stunning color accuracy and extremely true color reproduction.

In order to give full play to this outstanding panel's ability, Microwhale has specially developed a backlight module to make the brightness more stable and uniform, providing a solid guarantee for displaying 4K image quality. At the same time, Mini Whale TV uses advanced PLGP technology light guide plates, which improve light efficiency compared to ordinary light guide plates, and can better restore the purity of color display. Let's look at the color gamut and contrast performance capabilities of this TV through specific tests.

The instrument used in this test is the BM-7A luminance colorimeter produced by Topcon to measure the chromaticity coordinates of the Whale W65L TV in different colors, and calculate the contrast, color gamut, color temperature, color saturation and draw according to the corresponding values. The corresponding color characteristics map and so on. Before carrying out this test, we first let the machine work normally for one hour and restore it to the factory mode. The entire test environment is performed in the darkroom.

Whale W65L color gamut objective test

After our measurements, according to industry standards for display common measurement methods, the color gamut coverage of the Whale W65L TV reached 87.66%. We all know that the industry's standard color gamut coverage is 72% (NTSC1931), W65L TV has been far Far above this standard, it reached the upper middle level of LCD TV products. After calculating the contrast ratio, the contrast of the Whale W65L TV reached 2087:1, which is quite satisfactory.

Local 4K video and picture test: decoding excellent picture quality

The Micro Whale TV adopts an ultra-high-definition image quality engine. Through 24 quality and color enhancement technologies, the details are sharper and sharper, the edges are smoother and smoother, and the colors are more realistic and natural. After 3,000 hours of meticulous tuning and optimization of the algorithm of the image quality engine, the dynamic contrast of the whale TV is increased to more than 10,000:1, real-time adjustment of brightness and darkness of the screen, fine control of highlights and shadows, and a dramatic increase in depth of view of the screen. With three-dimensionality, the entire picture is more realistic and vivid.

4K test picture

4K test picture

4K test picture

4K test picture

Through actual testing, we can see that the details of the skin of the lizard are displayed in a nearly perfect manner. The details of the details of the facial details of the figures in the third chapter are more realistic. Even the subtle images do not appear to be blurred. At the same time, the colors and contrasts are not seen. The control is also very accurate. The details of the darkest part of the picture are in place, and the bright part is not dazzling. (Because the shooting results and actual effects are somewhat different, the above real shots are for reference only.)

Micro Whale W65L supports H.265 encoding technology, can make the same quality of video capacity is smaller, save more broadband, while a built-in video player, hard decoding of the mainstream video format, video playback capability is very powerful.

4K video test

There was no obvious light leakage in the black whale W65L TV's performance on the black court. The three-dimensional image was extremely excellent, and the dark details were also presented. The display in the bright area is also very realistic. At night, the light shining on it will produce a dazzling feeling, and it will truly show the ambient light, thus realizing a more realistic viewing experience.

4K video test

Through the 4K video test on TV, it can be seen that the decoding capability of the H.265-decoded Micro Whale W65L TV is still good, and it can decode the 4K video better. When the TV is playing 4K video, there is no obvious caton, and there is no obvious trailing phenomenon when displaying the dynamic picture. The night scene, the environment, the figures and other pictures are vivid and delicate, and the color accuracy is also high.

4K video test

The quality improvement brought by HDR technology is still very impressive, and the details of the picture and color have been greatly improved. Therefore, many manufacturers have adopted HDR technology on television products this year. After all, the use of HDR technology is not a single link, but rather the entire ecosystem that relates to the display of images. Therefore, excellent technical and hardware configurations are needed to support HDR applications. The Whale W65L uses up to dozens of image quality technologies to dramatically improve the image quality and the entire picture is more realistic.

HDR video test

HDR video test

We can see that the details of the screen in the video can be well restored, and the color performance is also very prominent. At the same time, there is no stalling or delay in the playback process. The overall operation feedback is very timely and natural.

Written at the end:

In today's big-screen TV market, the competition among various manufacturers is very fierce, and there is a great deal of competition. As a newly established Internet TV brand, microwhales have always been making products with a low-key and pragmatic attitude. From the perspective of the performance of this 65-inch TV, it is very competitive. For the former LeTV millet, followed by many competitors, the microwhales showed their attitude towards television. Although the micro whale TV has not yet been officially released, we are not aware of the price, but from the point of view of the micro whale has always been on the pricing of products, certainly not to disappoint consumers, let us wait and see.

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