Automotive reversing radar solution based on Renesas microcontroller

The car reversing radar is a good warning device for avoiding rear obstacles and avoiding collisions. It uses the principle of ultrasonic to make parking and reversing easier and safer. Renesas Electronics (formerly NEC)'s 78K0/Kx2 series and 78K0/Fx2 provide users with different requirements. The 78K0/Fx2 series provides one CAN interface with internal hardware optimized UART for LIN bus, built-in oscillator, etc. Device. And the built-in watchdog and the built-in oscillator as the frequency make the whole system more secure.

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The solution system structure

Products and functions used

category product name Function Description
Single chip microcomputer 78K0/Kx2 8-bit microcontroller, built-in 8M oscillator, watchdog, up to 6 PWM. It includes a LIN-capable UART, which is optimized for LIN protocol writing and has EEPROM emulation.
78K0/Fx2 8-bit microcontroller, built-in 8M oscillator, watchdog, timer hardware generates up to 8 PWM. Up to 16 10-bit high-speed A/D, including LIN-supported UART, optimized for LIN protocol writing, and including CAN interface.

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