High-quality curved TV recommends viewing artifacts at the New Year's Eve

In a few days, 2015 officially bid farewell to us. Each of David’s network and New Year’s Eve will be staged collectively. At this time, you don’t have a TV that is good enough. How can you enjoy the happy New Year’s Eve? Experience the double eleven and the double twelve. At the end of the year, manufacturers frequently provided benefits to consumers. Don't miss this time. Moreover, the most authoritative "China Good TV" list has just been announced, providing consumers with more reliable choices. At the end of the year, the author selected several high-quality curved TVs for everyone.

Curved TVs ushered in explosive growth in 2015, especially in the positioning of high-end TV products, whether it is from the visual appearance, viewing experience, curved TV has an unparalleled advantage. This is also the reason why curved TV can detonate the market. As a curved TV leader, TCL took the lead in launching the popular campaign of curved TVs, and thus curved TVs of various brands entered the market one after another. This time, TCL is vigorously holding the "New Year Rhapsody, benefiting buying season" campaign, the most popular curved surface TV, to accompany you over double Dan!
Recommended products: TCL Q65H8800S-CUDS

Reference price: 23,999 yuan

In the just-released "China Good TV" list, TCL's curved TV H8800, ultra-thin surface C1 series and other products are undoubtedly on the list. The TCL Q65H8800S-CUDS is a representative product of the H8800 series and has excellent performance in screen display, color performance, and sound effects.

The overall fuselage uses an elegant Romanesque design, with a half moon-shaped frame, an arched back, and a sturdy base, giving a very solid feel. At the same time, the sound and the base perfectly fit together, and the elegant curved screen makes the sense of oneness very strong. Birch style curved front frame decoration adds a touch of high-end quality.


Curved TV screens are actually more elaborate, and they are not free to bend. The TCL Q65H8800S-CUDS has a 4000R curvature screen that is closer to the human eye lens and is more comfortable when viewed, for the best experience. Addition to the sound on both sides, can create a complete wraparound experience, with unparalleled music facing the field.


The perfect screen arc, combined with 4K Ultra HD resolution, creates the best viewing experience. TCL Q65H8800S-CUDS also has a more liberal and wide perspective, free choice of viewing distance, viewing angle can get a good experience, which is not reach the general flat-panel TV. At the same time, due to the effect of the curved screen, the image has a stronger three-dimensional effect, especially dynamic objects.


TCL Q65H8800S-CUDS launched a new app premiere theater, the world's exclusive cinema sync source, play the latest online video, video resources online time is far earlier than any other network player. The built-in video resources include 40,000 episodes of TV dramas, more than 100,000 movies, and nearly 2,000 hours of updated resources each day. Massive video and audio make you cool.


The system is a built-in film, education, K songs, games and other seven modules, application store mass applications, more enrich your life. The TCL Q65H8800S-CUDS is the main entertainment function. In terms of games, it has once again joined hands with ATEN to build China's largest video game ecosystem. In terms of game content, it also has the support of well-known game manufacturers such as Gameloft, JJ International Company, Rovio, Marmalade, CyberfrontKorea, and J-FLOW, so that living room entertainment is no longer monotonous.

Editor Comments: TCL as a leader in curved TV, is also one of the best on curved TV. TCL Q65H8800S-CUDS is nominated for high-end flagship TV. The strength is obvious. The addition of surface quantum dot technology has obviously improved the TCL surface TV products. At the same time, it has optimized TV+ true color display technology, color and control technology, and is equipped with powerful hardware. The fluency of experience does not have to worry about. With the support of massive video resources and game resources, it has become the protagonist of home entertainment.

Recommended products: TCL L55C1-SCUD

Reference price: 9999 yuan

Different from the H8800 series surface, the C1 series curved TV features ultra-thin and has a more stunning appearance. The positioning of “China Good TV” for the C1 series is cost-effective and is a popular product that can meet the needs of most users. With its slim body and ultra-narrow frame, it visually conquers the user's eye.

As the fourth generation of TCL's curved TV products, the TCL L55C1-SCUD's thinnest place is only 5.9mm. With ultra-narrow frame design, it is highly competitive in appearance. At the same time, the benefits of the fuselage are no longer so heavy, just to meet the light luxury style.


The same 4000R ergonomic screen curvature design is used to reduce visual fatigue to a certain extent and maximize your eyes. In image processing, TCL has also joined the intelligent depth of field optimization technology, has a good improvement in the performance of the screen, so that the screen display better and more realistic.


TCL L55C1-SCUD HDR high dynamic display technology, better brightness and darkness in the performance of the screen, greatly enhance the screen brightness, while reducing the darkness, closer to the real picture seen by the human voice. HDR technology is also likely to become the mainstream technology of the television industry next year. 4K resolution has become the mainstream configuration, and now more important is the display technology optimization and competition, apparently TCL has done this.

Summary: Exquisite and slim appearance, 4K curved screen with unique picture optimization technology, natural needless to say in the viewing experience. In addition, the TCL L55C1-SCUD does not fall short in terms of hardware configuration and system resources. On the TCL L55C1-SCUD, we can see more entertainment elements, Tencent video, synchro theater, WeChat, etc., to develop in a more youthful direction.

Recommended products: Hisense LED55K720UC

Reference price: 13,999 yuan

Hisense LED55K720UC TV uses 4000R curved arc screen, so that the line of sight and the TV screen center point vertical, can optimize the viewing angle at the bottom of the screen, but also can give the user a cinematic immersive perception.

Hisense LED55K720U is a curved TV, when it comes to the thickness of the fuselage can not be compared with flat-panel TVs, and curved TV in the display when compared to take up space, this point is that consumers need to understand before buying. Hisense K720U uses a full aluminum alloy frame, with the drawing process, the appearance is quite stylish.

Hisense LED55K720UC curved TV also uses a 5-7 degree elevation design, allowing users to have a more comfortable viewing angle in a natural sitting position. Hisense LED55K720UC TV uses 120Hz LCD screen, high dynamic range processing technology, colorful processing technology, color details, dark field details rich expression. Hisense LED55K720UC curved TV offers a wide range of dynamic contrast enhancement, deep images, clear layers, and full and translucent images, presenting you with the beauty of stunning images.

Hisense LED55K720U is equipped with its VIDAA3 smart TV system and has rich HD content resources. Such as the world's top classical music high-definition channel Unitel Classica full channel content, covering 50 games + high-definition music concerts throughout the year, users can also watch high-definition documentary resources and 72% of online HD video resources.

Editor Comments: Hisense LED55K720UC is equipped with a sophisticated arc screen to bring unprecedented true surround experience, the same size larger visual experience. The sense of realism and immersiveness have been greatly enhanced, as if they have entered the hallucinogenic landscape.

Recommended Products: Samsung UHD 55HU8500

Reference price: 13,200 yuan

In terms of design, the Samsung UA55HU8500JXXZ TV adopts the minimalist design concept of the classic Samsung. Metal ultra-narrow frame includes a 55-inch large screen, soft and slightly tough, very simple atmosphere.

In terms of picture quality, the Samsung UA55HU8500JXXZ TV supports 4K playback, and is equipped with UHD upscaling picture quality enhancement, local area control, and other picture quality technologies. The picture quality is more excellent and delicate, and the details are rich. This machine provides users with precise, vivid and vivid image quality through the ultra-clear-color technology, allowing users to experience outstanding presence in a lifelike and beautiful image quality.

The Samsung UA55HU8500JXXZ TV is a future-oriented television. The technology is always moving forward, and so is the Samsung UHD TV. It can upgrade your Ultra HDTVs with UHD Smart Upgrade cards to be compatible with UHD standards that have not yet been established in the future.

Edit Comment: Samsung UA55HU8500 ultra-high definition UHD TV with ultra-high-definition display technology, smart control experience and lead the fashion of the vast minimalist design outstanding performance for users to create an immersive viewing experience, intimate football model, One-screen dual enjoyment and other unique practical features, so that the operation becomes more simple. The pursuit of high-quality visual impact and intelligent control of friends, pay close attention to bring home Samsung UHD TV to accompany you through a warm Spring Festival it.

Summary: Curved TV is likely to become the main direction of the next TV development. As the leader of curved TV, TCL has been working hard to promote the popularity of curved TVs, bringing consumers the most favorable and top quality curved TV products. At the time of the 2015 countdown, it also sent a big gift to consumers. The New Year's Eve is coming, and even the back of the Spring Festival party, with an excellent curved TV, and watching the party with the family is really happy!