[Tianda secret] can control Tmall box without remote control

When I was involved in Taobao, I was unable to log in and I was able to return to the factory when I was a year ago. I discovered that I had a remote control (bad).
Previously, Ali TV assistants, who had been using mobile phones and televisions on the same local area network, have now only had mobile phones. The box cannot be set and has not been used.
After trying the mouse, I couldn't touch it. I thought I wouldn't buy a remote control. I didn't think it was worthwhile. I changed it to an infrared remote control and thought about it. I always felt uncomfortable, so I gave up.
Asked the gods, there is no solution. Okay, give up watching TV,
It was also busy and busy to go to the New Year and returned to my hometown with my wife and children. For more than a month, I forgot about this matter.
Returned the day before yesterday and suddenly remembered 3.15 today. How to do? Buy a remote control for 55 yuan, and it will take a few days to mail it.

Lynx Box Exchange Group,


When you try the wireless mouse, you can only slide it.
Why can't I try the keyboard? then. . . . . . . . I actually succeeded! ! ! ! ! !

Up and down are the arrow keys, Enter is a confirmation key, set up a good LAN, you can abandon the keyboard to use the phone's Ali tv assistant enjoy it, so how to do it without VST? U disk everyone must have it. Download the sofa housekeeper to the U disk, insert it into the box and install it to download VST (since the sofa butler can download a lot of software).
Or directly download vst full polymerization installation!

Well, so much to say,

Finally you can watch live again

Install sofa butler: http://app.shafa.com/shafa.apk , the perfect companion for Lynx Box!

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