Intersil launches WIDESound x 4TM audio enhancement technology

<p> Intersil launches WIDESound x 4TM audio enhancement technology

Intersil launches WIDESound

Intersil's new D2Audio® WIDESound x 4TM enhancement technology brings a complete and rich surround sound listening experience to flat-screen TVs and other space-constrained products

The latest D2Audio technology uses a series of front speakers to produce an audio-visual effect that feels like being in a home theater

Intersil demonstrates the technology at booth 21422 of the South Pavilion at CES

California, MILPITAS, Nevada, Las Vegas "2010 International Consumer Electronics Show" report-January 15, 2010-Intersil Corporation, a global leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance analog semiconductors (Nasdaq Global Selection Market trading code: ISIL) today announced the launch of WIDESound x 4TM audio enhancement technology suitable for solving the limited space but demanding sound quality requirements.

Today's thin and light flat-panel TVs and other trendy consumer products are limited in size, and designers cannot use traditional large-size multi-speaker systems. However, consumers still need complete, full sound quality, and stylish, beautiful product appearance.

WIDESound x 4 technology can simulate the "virtual" surround sound effect with multi-channel soundbars, thereby greatly improving the audio performance of flat-screen TVs or other products that cannot install full-size speakers. WIDESound x 4 fully utilizes the functions of the digital signal processing (DSP) system and strengthens the control of the analog speaker system. The improved WIDESound x 4 technology allows the sound bar to fit into a 2, 4, or 6 speaker system, enabling a completely scalable architecture.

Designers of consumer electronics products can use Intersil's WIDESound x 4 technology to call core control parameters to customize and optimize home theater effects. By simply controlling a few of the audio processing modules, you can achieve 2-channel, 4-channel, and 6-channel soundbars.

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