Silicon Labs introduces the lowest power wireless microcontroller for the smart home market

Silicon Labs introduces the lowest power wireless microcontroller for the smart home market

In order to meet the energy efficiency needs of home automation and instrumentation, Silicon Labs announced the launch of the industry's lowest power single-chip wireless microcontroller (MCU) at the IIC-China Spring Exhibition two days ago. Silicon Labs' new ultra-low power Si10xx wireless MCU series products meet the power and RF requirements of battery-powered home automation systems, smart meters, indoor monitoring and security systems. This single-chip solution is a battery that requires RF connectivity Ideal for power supply systems.

As a result of the government ’s initiative to upgrade the power network and the intelligentization of water, gas and heat meters, the demand for smart energy technologies has increased year by year. In the smart home product market, such as lighting and heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) control, indoor monitoring and home security systems are also increasing, part of the reason for this phenomenon comes from people's increasing focus on energy conservation, as well as home automation services and standards The continuous expansion of wireless technology.

Today, smart home / smart grid applications combine wired / wireless connections with embedded controls with highly efficient designs to maximize battery life. The ultra-low power Si10xx wireless MCU series products are particularly suitable for these battery-powered systems that require RF connections, as well as many other embedded wireless applications that require ultra-low power consumption.

The Si10xx wireless MCU has a 25MHz 8051 core, EZRadioPRO sub-GHz RF transceiver, up to 64kB Flash and up to 12-bit ADC. All components are integrated in a 5mm x 7mm package. Si10xx series products are the industry's most energy-efficient single-chip wireless MCU solutions, with the lowest current consumption in common operating modes. The wireless MCU has the lowest current consumption (160μA / MHz) in working mode. In sleep mode, when the real-time clock (RTC) using an external 32.768kHz crystal as the clock source operates, the current consumption is 615nA; when the RTC uses the internal low-frequency oscillator (LFO) as the clock source, the current consumption is reduced to 315nA. In deep sleep mode, only 25nA operating current is required, and RAM data is not lost.

"Si10xx wireless MCU is the only MCU in the world that can work up to 0.9V and integrates RF wireless transceiver function. It is also the world's lowest operating power MCU with only 160uA / MHz, which eliminates the need for expensive lithium batteries for its applications. Instead of using cheap alkaline batteries, "said Peng Zhichang, Silicon Labs Asia Pacific MCU business manager," In addition, the output power of its RF transceiver is up to + 20dBm, the outdoor wireless working distance can reach 3 kilometers, and it can be worn when working indoors. After 7-10 floors, if it is used in a wireless meter reading device, it will bring great convenience to the wireless meter reading worker. "

The Si10xx series' ultra-low power architecture and fast wake-up (2μs) greatly extend battery life in applications using lithium / alkaline batteries. The Si10xx architecture also includes a DC-DC boost converter, which can provide high-efficiency power for large loads. The DC-DC converter can also provide the required power for periodic RF transmission and reception with an efficiency of up to 90%. As a result, developers can design embedded wireless systems that have 25% longer battery life than other solutions without affecting MCU or wireless performance. In some system configurations, Si10xx devices can extend battery life by up to 50%.

Si10xx wireless MCUs provide market-leading RF performance with the highest output power and sensitivity, and the lowest wake-up conversion power consumption. Si10xx series products integrate a power amplifier (PA) and a low-noise amplifier, supporting RF link loads greater than 140dB without the need for external active components. These features bring longer transmission distance, higher bandwidth and lower overall power consumption.

"Si10xx series products are the best match for batteries, providing the best energy efficiency, which makes it easier to design battery-powered products for the smart home and smart instrument markets," Vice President of Silicon Labs and General Manager of Embedded Mixed Signal Products Mark Thompson said, "By combining with the EZRadioPRO transceiver, the Si10xx wireless MCU provides excellent RF performance with high output power and high sensitivity."

Unparalleled development support

In order to improve the development efficiency of smart home and smart instrument products using Si10xx wireless MCU, Silicon Labs provides a wealth of software and hardware development tools for MCU and system design, RF design and optimization, and network software design. These tools include:

• Si1000-DK and Si1010-DK development kits

• SDBC-DK3 development platform for EZRadioPRO wireless products

• Wireless Development Kit (WDS), a comprehensive set of tool software. With it, even with little or no RF design experience, reliable and low-cost wireless applications can be developed.

• EZMACPRO media access control module (“wireless network function package”)

• Fully compatible wireless M-Bus protocol stack (EN: 13757-4), in line with European general instrument network standards

Price and availability

Peng Zhichang said: "Si10xx MCU is expected to be mass-produced in the second quarter of this year." The unit price of Si10xx MCU starts at $ 3.51 when 10,000 pieces are purchased. The Si1000DK development kit is available now for $ 99. The WIRELESSMBUSEK evaluation kit costs $ 99.

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