【 Charm Blue Note3 trial 】high face value, high cost performance and what regrets

Today, more and more homogenous smartphones, the more fixed the user's understanding of the smart phone is; what is the user's perception of the smart phone? Using Andorid (IOS) operating system, large screen, large-capacity storage (memory), ultra-thin, frameless, etc., the more difficult the breakthrough of mobile phone manufacturers, the difference between brands is getting smaller and smaller, and more is Hardware upgrade, Apple's high profit is the inevitable result of the brand's success premium, and for the average user to choose the most cost-effective thousand dollars or so mobile phone, the following take everyone to analyze the cost-effective thousand dollars or less mobile phone - Charm Blue Note 3 !

Charm blue note3 comes standard with 5V 2A charger, data cable and a card pin

From the configuration and price point of view is still more attractive, 2G memory has become the standard of the current smart phone (high-end higher), large-capacity battery + metal back cover + fingerprint recognition function is the highlight of this phone! The electricity supplier price has dropped to 799 yuan!

First of all, let's first understand the processor under the charm blue note3 - MediaTek MT6755 (also known as helio P10), its power consumption performance is better than MT6752 and helio X10, in this case currently using the helio X10 mobile phone is The most hit products, helio P10 architecture and the Helio X10 are eight-core A53 architecture, but it is a quad-core high-frequency A53 + quad-core low-frequency A53 architecture.

Red rice NOTE3 uses a helio X10 chip. The difference between the two chips is also reflected in the baseband. There are differences in power consumption. Although the X10's eight-core high-frequency is very high, it does not make much sense to enhance the mobile phone experience. High power consumption; P10 is more concerned with the balance of performance and power consumption. The single-core performance of the P10 is not much different from that of the X10. The difference between multi-core performance is relatively large. However, the power consumption control of the P10 is far better than that of the X10. The helio P10 chip In the power consumption, performance has achieved a good balance, but also become the mainstream mobile phone chip within a thousand dollars, with 4100mAh battery, battery life is more durable; endurance is also one of the user's concerns when buying a mobile phone.

Red rice note3 adopts symmetrical design, looks more beautiful, if the function can be further improved even better, for example, in the right camera position to breath light function (or other functions), the right speaker output position is silent ( Most mobile phones are designed in this way. In fact, you can use the principle of the speakers to change the right side into a voice channel, so that the sound more three-dimensional.

Charm blue note3 uses a metal back cover similar to that of the PRO5. The aluminum alloy material brings better body strength. The iconic high-gloss T-slot makes the phone more sturdy. The sandblasting process handle makes the texture and feel better. In terms of appearance and feel, it has surpassed the concept of mobile phones within a thousand dollars.

The thickness of the charm blue note3 is still good, while increasing the battery capacity while maintaining a thin body (8.2mm).

Charm blue note3 has a default Nano SIM card and another allows users to freely choose the Nano SIM card or Micro SD card card slot, support dual card allows the user to have a choice of space, or to the mobile phone storage expansion, but also A degree of freedom! Card pins are also very personal.

Charm blue note3 also has the characteristics of the key, the back of the arc sense, gloss compared to Huawei P8 look better

Charm blue note3 screen is bigger, more like iphone6

Charm blue note3 biggest regret is that there is no front flash head at the same time the screen can not fill light, if you let the screen act as a flash, detect the surrounding light environment, pre-flash according to the light environment and then a formal flash to brighten the screen, which allows Users who like selfie are more like it!

With the charm blue green loudspeaker, the volume is greater, the effect is much better, more three-dimensional

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~

The following run software to see how charm blue note3 run points

Ann Bunny had a score of 44081, and the chart for each running minute

The Android version 3DMark run points are 260, 386, and ranking

Master Lu scores, mobile rankings

Geekbench3 score situation

Stored read and write capabilities

Running points for reference only, is not an important basis, the important thing is the user experience, from the run point of view, Charm blue note3 and high-end machine score difference is not, but also reflect its cost performance.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~

Features, performance features introduced

Charm blue note3 In addition to well-known fingerprint recognition, there is a convenient fun feature, that is, smart "river", through the long press the fingerprint button key to carry out intelligent "stream" interface, through the voice can be issued instructions or chat with her, though Not very perfect but very personal, but also very practical, you can voice Baidu, listen to songs, call, etc...

She can help find a movie through the voice

Charm blue note3 camera in general, but its software function is still very powerful, accustomed to the SLR camera users can use M to manually set the parameters to achieve their own ideal results, of course, there are features such as "slow motion", "micro "Distance" and "GIF" are features that modern young people like

The above is the camera in the default state of the camera, the color is still relatively real, the details of the performance is also good, the aperture is also large enough, the background is not bad

Panorama effect map

Left-handed photo, right-hand photo before processing

Charm blue note3 photo processing function is also very powerful, you can adjust the saturation, contrast, white balance, etc., the user does not use the computer PS, and its own image processing function has to meet the usual needs

In terms of game performance, at first I was still worried about playing large-scale game cards. I couldn't play it. I had a game of Grand Theft Auto with 1.5G or so. The quality and fluency of playing was good, and there was no problem playing. Not at all.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~

Charm blue note3 also has a feature is its system - Meizu Flyme, is based on Andrews underlying system modifications, more features and more stable. Compared with the high-tech threshold of hardware technology, the domestic mobile phone manufacturers have accumulated more software, and Meizu has made breakthroughs in deep customization systems and formed its own characteristics. This will be its core competitiveness, but it will build the system. There is still a long way to go before becoming the core competitiveness of mobile phone brands.

Over the years, price wars have been plagued by domestic mobile phones. Under the pattern of homogenous competition in terms of configuration and manufacturing processes, domestic mobile phones must increase independent research and development of hardware and software if they want to get rid of the current situation of low profits. Domestic mobile phones really have to be equated with cheap cabbage.

Comments: Charm blue note3 has a super high cost, 5.5-inch large screen, metal back cover, support for fingerprint recognition, 4100mAh battery life is more lasting, playing games are also very cool, Meizu Flyme system with smart "stream" to make the phone more Intelligent, users who like to take photos and pictures are more convenient to use.

Of course, it is not regrettable:

1, no fast charge or flash charge technology, large-capacity battery allows longer charging time!

2, in the self-timer and sharing more popular today, camera function is very important on the phone, when using the front camera to take pictures if you can use the screen fill light function is better, I believe that the technology will not increase the cost at the same time.

3, the use of speakers to play music, the sound quality and the flagship phone is still a bit of a gap (the price of the phone performance is pretty good), there is room for improvement, and look forward to upgrading!

4, under the dim light photographs, does not open the flash situation easy to shoot the paste, of course, we can not expect this price of the mobile phone camera as a good image SLR!