Discussion on automobile front lighting system and LED adaptive front lighting system

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With the rapid extension of the highway network around the world, the speed of the car is gradually increasing. In order to ensure the safety of the car, higher requirements are placed on the illumination brightness and service life of the light source of the car headlight system. Experts believe that the quality of the unqualified front lighting system can not only provide good lighting for the driver, but also make the opposite driver and road pedestrians have a strong glare, directly related to personal safety. According to statistics, 25% of the total mileage of the vehicle is driven at night and under natural light, and the personal injury accidents in this case account for 33% of the total number of traffic accidents, and 50% of the fatal accidents. It happened at night. In the car accidents that occurred during the night, 60% were related to the poor lighting of the front lighting system, which shows the importance of the car headlights for safe driving at night. At the same time, the emergence of new technologies, new light sources and the continuous improvement of people's aesthetics make the modern car front lighting system not only a lighting tool for automobiles, but also become a car in people's critical eyes and creative wisdom. A beautiful ornament, a beautiful craft with high-tech connotation. Car headlights are like a pair of beautiful big eyes of a car, injecting aura and fashion into the car, making the car full of life.

It is not only a portrayal of the personality of the car owner, but also a sign of the individualization of the car manufacturer.

1 Basic requirements for automotive headlamps

With the development of the automobile industry, the traffic volume has been increasing, forming a serious traffic problem. On the other hand, the continuous increase in speed is also one of the hidden causes of traffic accidents.

In recent years, traffic accidents have occurred frequently and become more and more serious. At night, due to unclear vision and unclear scenery, it has become a frequent time zone for car accidents. Therefore, improving road lighting is an effective way to improve traffic conditions and reduce car accidents. In the modern civilized city, every night, the lights are bright, the shops are more scales, the lights are green, and there is nowhere to shine. Even if the streets are leaking, the road lighting is no problem. However, there is usually no street light in the suburbs, and the road is mainly illuminated by the car's own lighting system. Therefore, the white body lighting is extremely important for safe driving. The headlights of modern cars mainly refer to low beam illumination, high beam illumination and front fog lamps, which are the main and only illumination sources when driving in the suburbs.

With the increase of vehicles, the increase of speed and the increase of pedestrian activities at night, in order to enable people and vehicles to see and avoid each other at a long distance, it is necessary to have mandatory requirements for the brightness and illumination range of the lights, and to reduce the light and the non-compliant lights. The probability of a traffic accident caused by the scope of the lighting.

2 Preliminary study on automotive adaptive front lighting system

2.1 Comparison of beam distribution between adaptive headlight system and traditional headlight system under different road conditions

2.1.1 Comparison of beam distribution at corners of urban or rural roads

On urban roads, there are more vehicles and pedestrians; on rural roads, roads tend to be narrower. At this time, close-range illumination beams are generally used to illuminate the roads. At the above road bends, because the beam of the traditional front illumination system is statically distributed, there is often a visual blind zone inside the curve, and the driver cannot make a judgment on the potential danger in the blind zone in advance, thus increasing the risk of driving in the reverse direction. .

At the above-mentioned corners, the adaptive headlight system can extract the road condition information in time to accurately control the execution part to generate the beam distribution for optimal illumination of the curve. When the car travels to the curve part, the inside of the curve can be illuminated. Eliminate visual blind spots on the inside of the curve.

2.1.2 Comparison of beam distribution at highway bends

On the highway, when there is no traffic to the vehicle, the road is illuminated by a long-distance illumination beam. At the above road bends, since the beam of the conventional front illumination system is statically distributed, there is often a visual blind zone inside the curve. Since the speed of the highway is much higher than that of a town or country road, it is more important to make a judgment about the potential danger in the blind zone. Since the adaptive headlight system has the function of automatically adjusting the beam distribution in real time according to the road condition information, the system can adjust the beam distribution to cover the inside of the curve when entering the above curve.

2.1.3 Comparison of beam distribution on uphill and downhill slopes

When going uphill or downhill, the beam of the traditional headlight system is statically distributed, and the beam can not be depressed and raised. For example, when the car travels to the top of the slope, the beam of the traditional front lighting system is projected parallel to the vehicle body, causing the driver to not find the vehicle or pedestrian on the slope in time; when the car travels to the bottom of the slope, the traditional front view The beam of the system is projected parallel to the body to the bottom of the slope, causing the driver to not find the vehicle or pedestrian on the slope. By controlling the lighting module in the front lighting system, the adaptive headlight system realizes that the beam is pressed down at the top of the slope and rises at the bottom of the slope, ensuring that the driver can find the vehicle or pedestrian on the slope or downhill in time, and improve the vehicle. Driving safety.

2.1.4 Comparison of beam distribution during car meeting

When driving to a road or highway with a wide road surface and a large radius of the curve, the speed is often high at this time, and the road is generally illuminated by a long-distance illumination beam. When there are vehicles approaching on the head, both drivers should use close-range illumination beams to avoid glare.

Since the conversion between the close-illumination beam and the long-distance illumination beam of the conventional front illumination system requires manual operation, it is extremely prone to glare. The adaptive headlight system can detect the oncoming vehicle by using the sensing part, and generate corresponding control commands through the processing part, and the control execution part automatically adjusts the long-distance illumination beam to the close-range illumination beam, thereby avoiding the generation of glare light. To improve the safety of driving.

2.2 LED adaptive headlight system

In view of the defects of the traditional car headlight system, the LED car adaptive headlight system is selected to avoid glare and eliminate the blind zone as the ultimate goal. According to the function, it mainly includes the sensing part, the processing part and the execution part. The sensing part mainly obtains road condition information, and the road condition information includes driving roads, traffic vehicles and pedestrians, weather conditions, etc.; the processing part performs corresponding processing according to the road conditions acquired by the sensing part to generate instructions required to realize corresponding beam distribution. The execution section controls the operation of the LED-optical system module according to the instructions generated by the processing section to achieve a corresponding beam distribution.

The executive part is a front-illumination optical system that uses LEDs as the light source to design a suitable optical system based on the optical characteristics of the selected LEDs, and achieves urban or rural corners and highway bends by properly arranging the LED-optical system modules. Light distribution mode required for car, uphill and downhill.

3 Conclusion

With the increase of average speed and the increase of traffic volume, the risk of driving at night is still very high. In order to effectively eliminate blind spots and avoid glare, and improve nighttime driving safety, it is recommended to adopt LED automotive adaptive front lighting system. This kind of headlight system eliminates the static distribution pattern of the traditional headlight system beam, and adopts the light distribution mode that the beam automatically changes with the change of the road condition, which has a certain effect on improving the design of the vehicle headlight system.

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