Formulate the scale of LED lighting products in the country to remove the quality crisis of street lamps

Because the LED street light skills are unfamiliar, the heat of the ten-city project is no longer. "The test results of LED lamps show that many parameters of LED street lamps are not up to standard, resulting in less than 200,000 real-time placement of LED street lamps in Shanghai." 80%~90% of the revenue of Shenzhen LED lighting companies comes from foreign markets. . "At present, LED companies are still acquainted with the detailed environment, but from the beginning of the environment, the lack of LED lamp scale is one of the reasons why LED lighting products have been recalled several times.

Customers have been aware of the quality of LED products. Since the beginning of this year, China's LED lighting products have suffered 9 recalls in the Taixi market. Li Meng, deputy director of the Institute of Skilled Business Methods of the Shenzhen Institute of Scaled Skills, hinted that several recalls and disturbances not only affected the current income of Chinese LED lighting manufacturers, but also affected future orders. “The foreign market is likely to be in the short term. It will create a trustworthy crisis for LED lamps made in China, but for a long time, it will not swing the position in the middle of China's global LED lighting products manufacturing. In fact, before the LED lighting products made in China were in a crisis of foreign confidence, the domestic street lamp industry had a critical crisis in the quality of LED street lamps at the end of last year.

Although the relevant parts of the country have introduced six LED lighting skill scales, they are not product scales. If you want to promote the quality of the LED lighting products in the country, you should introduce more detailed LED lighting products as soon as possible.

On January 12th, the US Consumer Products Tranquility Committee and RockbnlerCompaniesbn Company jointly issued a voluntary recall of Chinese-made LED lamps. The recall amount was about 2,200 sets. The recall was due to the defect of the internal power cord of the lamp, which may cause the battery case to overheat and explode, causing damage to the user caused by the disaster or burn.

In the Guangdong Provincial WTO/TBT Early Warning Information Platform, the European Commission’s non-food warning system has been transmitted to countries such as Finland, Sweden and the United Kingdom since March, and it has been produced by China’s 'Oversol', Many brands, such as EcoLightNordic', 'Mercury' and 'Sun Search Engine Optimization n', have issued consumer warnings. These governments have also ordered the ban on sales and the recall of LED lighting from the above brands. The main reason for the ban and recall is that the above-mentioned brand products are not in line with the EU low-voltage index and the European coherent scale. The product plan and product quality have caused electric shock and induced disaster.

"Of course, there are thousands of LED streetlight products in the sea, but it has not been able to occupy the technical bottlenecks of heat dissipation, light distribution, electronic driving, glare, etc." Liu Lei, chief engineer of the Nanjing Street Light Management Office, is in fact an LED lighting energy-saving lighting forum. It is pointed out that from August 2008, Nanjing has set up six different LED lamps for testing on the Taishan Road on the side of the bright city of Hexi, and the results are not only different, but also the difference between the lights of the unified home. Also indicates the difference.

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