Taiwan factory Huashang Wujiang LED epitaxial wafer production line put into operation

[High-tech LED News] Recently, three MOCVDs imported by Huashang Optoelectronics (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. were successfully installed and put into operation, marking the official launch of the first LED epitaxial wafer production line in Jiangsu Wujiang.

Huashang Optoelectronics (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. was invested by Taiwan Huashang Optoelectronics at the end of last year and was established in Wujiang Economic and Technological Development Zone of Jiangsu Province. It specializes in producing LED epitaxial wafers and chips, and is 100% owned by Huashang.

The Preformed Helical Fitting is mainly used in wire,ground wire installed hardware. According to the performance of the structure can be divided into:

1.Preformed Suspension Clamp:used to hang the conductors and ground wires on the perch.                                  

2.Preformed Strain Clamp:bears all tension,connect the wire and ground wire on the tension tower                     

3.Splicing Fitting:used to two ends of conductor,instead of the conventional hydraulic compression splicing sleeve and pressure pipe.                           

4.portective fitting:used to protect the conductors and insulators,generally divided into armor rod,repair sleeve,vibration damper.                      

Material generally adopt aluminum alloy,hot-dip galvanized steel. Fasteners are hot-dip galvanized steel.        

Preformed Dead End Clamp with Rubber   

Preformed Helical Fitting

Preformed Helical Fitting,Preformed Splicing Fitting,Preformed Protective Fitting,Preformed Line Fitting

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