Firmware upgrade steps for the Neato XV-11 smart vacuum cleaner

Unlike the iRobot Roomba, the Neato XV-11 series of intelligent vacuum cleaners have been providing users with firmware upgrades for this series of models, allowing users to upgrade for better cleaning efficiency, while improving known bugs and providing more features. Since the release of the Neato XV-11, the firmware version has been optionally upgraded from 1.0, 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 2.0, 2.1 to the latest 2.6 version. The 2.1 version of the firmware adds a SPOT area cleaning mode similar to the iRobot Roomba product to the user and adds Simplified Chinese language support, while improving the accuracy of the refill in special cases and optimizing the navigation accuracy of the RPS. This kind of user-friendly software upgrade has more advantages than iRobot's unchanging firmware version, and it can also improve the user experience to some extent.

1. First enter the Neato official upgrade website (official website address, then click on the green "UPGRADE NOEW" icon above.

2. Click on the green "Click Here" button after "STEP 1" to start downloading the Neato Updater Tool and install it. A very simple program can be madly NEXT until the installation is complete.

3. Under the “STEP 1” interface, there is a green “Next” button. Click it to go to the next step.

4. Connect the Neto XV-11 Mini USB port with a USB cable and click on the green "Check Available Updates" to start the version check.

Neato XV-11 firmware upgrade
Figure: Neato XV-11 firmware upgrade dedicated Mini USB interface

5. If there is a firmware upgrade available after the version check, there will be a green prompt "Install Update", click on it.

6. Start the firmware upgrade, avoid powering off, plugging or unplugging the USB cable or operating the Neato XV-11 until the upgrade is complete.

Neato XV-11 firmware upgrade interface
Figure: Neato XV-11 is in firmware upgrade

After the upgrade is complete, remember to check the firmware version in the Menu to the latest 2.6. Finally, Dad will remind you easily: the upgrade is risky, and the operation should be cautious!

The firmware upgrade procedure of Neato XV-11 intelligent vacuum cleaner is provided by Dad Easy Network. Please indicate:

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