NXP teamed up with Tongji University and SAIC to launch a large-scale road test for intelligent networked vehicles.

Shanghai, China, June 21, 2016 - NXP Semiconductors (Nasdaq: NXPI, hereinafter referred to as "NXP") recently announced with Tongji University that it has passed the "NXP-Tongji University Automotive Electronics Joint Lab" "Support and launch the Shanghai Jiading Intelligent Network Link Vehicle Road Environment Application Test Project. This is the first large-scale road test for connected cars in China, which will provide important reference for relevant departments to formulate application standards such as intelligent transportation and workshop communication. NXP provided vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2X) solutions for the road test.

The test focused on real-time communication data between intelligent networked vehicles and between vehicles and transportation facilities in active security, traffic management, and information services. The start of the road test marks a substantial progress in the Shanghai Intelligent Network United Vehicle Demonstration Project. The demonstration project was launched in October 2015. In the first phase, there will be about 200 connected vehicles provided by SAIC and other car manufacturers. With the active promotion of more car manufacturers, it is expected to realize the intelligent network car in the demonstration zone in 2017. The scale reached 1,000 vehicles, reaching 5,000 at the end of 2019, and the number of test vehicles increased to 10,000 in 2020.

NXP's RoadLINKTM solution is used in the vehicles and transportation facilities involved in the test. Based on the IEEE 802.11p wireless communication protocol, this solution has been tested and validated by governments and professional organizations in many countries in Europe and the United States over the past decade, and has the capability to deploy on a large scale. The IEEE 802.11p-based V2X solution does not need to rely on the network, can communicate directly, and has higher security, reliability and privacy protection performance.

Zheng Li, President of NXP Greater China, said: “We are very honored to work together with Tongji University and SAIC to promote the smart car network demonstration project and provide technical support. The development of intelligent transportation is the consensus of all countries in the world on building a sustainable city. As a leader in safe and connected automotive technology, NXP is looking forward to bringing our successful experience and technology to China to create the best connected car solutions for China through local cooperation and to help the innovation and development of China's intelligent transportation system. ”

Zou Qingquan, head of the SAIC Intelligent Vehicles Project, said: "SAIC is one of the first companies to start deploying in the field of intelligent networking, and actively promotes the development and application of V2X technology in China. SAIC hopes to cooperate with various industry partners. To jointly promote the construction of the Shanghai Intelligent Networked Automotive Test Zone."

Professor Wang Ping, head of the intelligent network joint vehicle project of Tongji University, said: “The entry of the intelligent networked vehicle demonstration project into the road test is a major progress. We hope to continue to deepen cooperation with NXP, SAIC and other industries to jointly create a China-compliant The actual results of industry and market applications provide a driving force for the development of China's smart car industry."

Intelligent networked vehicles and intelligent transportation facilities based on V2X technology can effectively reduce traffic accidents, improve traffic efficiency, and reduce environmental pollution. NXP is a global technology leader in the field of secure connected vehicles, and has always led the secure connected automotive ecosystem with its RoadLINKTM solution. The program has been carried out in large-scale actual measurement in major markets such as Europe and the United States. Its high security, scalability and strong interactivity have been recognized by many governments and industries. The total test journey is over one million kilometers. In March of this year, NXP became a partner of the US Department of Transportation, providing V2X solution support for the US Smart City Challenge. In April, the truck queue using the NXP RoadLINKTM solution was successfully demonstrated in the European Trucking Challenge. Unmanned technology.

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