How do amps and speakers work together? Liu Hansheng talks about British ATC SCM19

In the circle of playing HIFI, there are many audio enthusiasts who like the British sound. There are also many people who are full of doubts about how to better match the equipment after buying the speakers. Some netizens mentioned that the British ATC speakers are not good match. Amplifier, because he saw on the Internet that someone said that the ATC SCM19 speaker does not have more than 50,000 RMB, it is impossible to push it, but some people disagree, saying that the Krell S300i with a price of more than 10,000 can be pushed well. .... So cloud.

If you have a pair of ATC19, what kind of amplifier will you choose? And what brand of amplifier is clear, meticulous, sweet, shiny and transparent, the sound field is huge, the penetration is strong, the wall is across the wall, the low frequency is solid.... .. (This requires a lot)


What is the attitude of Mr. Liu Hansheng from Taiwan on the matching of the small boxes? The ATC SCM19 is just a pair of small bookshelf speakers, but the above netizens demand it as if it were a pair of SCM300! The pair weighs only 9 kg and a 25 mm tweeter. The unit, a small speaker of a 150mm mid-woofer unit, should not have non-partition requirements, otherwise it will be disappointing.

ATC treble

ATC bass

The sensitivity of the SCM19 is only 85dB, and the bandwidth is 54Hz-22kHz. As a speaker in a small room, it can make a fairly balanced sound. In my own experience of using ATC speakers for a long time, its high frequency band is not too high, and the gloss and sweetness are enough. If you don't let it work too much in the middle and low frequency bands, you can also achieve the balance of high, medium and low frequency bands. At the right volume, it will be a pair of balanced speakers, resistant to hearing, warm, and nothing.


If in my experience, it is not bad with the Krell amplifier, the high frequency band and the middle frequency band will be slightly more lively, and the Pass will be more solid. However, this must also consider the tonality of the listening space. Is it hard or soft, or moderate? If it is hard-tuned, there will be more high-frequency reflections, which is not suitable for high-frequency external amplifiers. If it is soft, what amplifiers will not be bad.

It should be noted that do not think that ATC, a small speaker, needs a high-power amplifier to force the low-frequency sense. The small-caliber mid-low frequency unit has its limitations, and it is responsible for all frequency domains below 2.8 kHz. If you are too urging, not only the low frequency band is barely distorted, but also the mid-range is the same, so it is not good.

In short, the small speaker has a good volume to listen to, so don't think it can show the power.


Amplifiers with high-frequency and intermediate-frequency amplifiers are matched with ATC. Generally, ATC needs high power because the sound of ATC tweeter is introverted, resulting in insufficient illusion of high frequency band. In addition, I want to have more low frequencies on the small unit, so I am crazy to drive the ATC small speakers. If it is a large speaker with ATC 100 or higher, it will require a larger output power. More home theater audio knowledge, all in China Home Theater Network (), official WeChat: cnhifi.

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