When glass art collides on LED lighting

Slow wood is an Italian design company focused on wood carving and sustainable development. In order to focus on the goal, slow wood and shiina nardi design and lorenzo franceschinis worked together to create the "teca" lamp, which combines hand-carved wood art with precise glass blowing.

Each piece of logs has its own story according to the time and the processing of the machine. It is only by knowing the story that it is possible to make a good project. The craftsman franceschinis feels that it is very necessary to connect life with the forest, which can deepen his understanding. Although he is very passionate about woodworking, he does not use the logs he buys from the market, but uses the fallen leaves of the nearby land.

For the teca lamp, cherry wood was chosen. The process of wood carving takes only a few hours, but it takes more than four years of experience. Not only in the woodcarving process, but also in the future, this needs to be extremely precise and precise: once you carve out the desired shape, each part will have a different reflection during the drying process, and it may become very bad, happening. Deformation and fracture.

Although the shape of the diffuser is very interesting, the overall effect is not complete enough. So shiina nardi thought of adding a glass cover to the outer layer and adding some detail to make the product even and even. In collaboration with the craftsman feenbo, who focuses on lighting, creates an atmosphere of opposition. At the same time, everyone is welcome to participate in the creation of this project, and participate in more cooperation in the future.

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