TDK automotive electronics sales soared, green concept prospects are expected

TDK automotive electronics sales soared, green concept prospects are expected

Problems such as global warming and increasingly serious air pollution are pushing countries around the world to focus on improving the environmental performance of automobiles and the development of new technologies. For TDK, green automotive electronic products first mean those that can reduce emissions In order to improve the fuel efficiency of power control products, in addition, the green concept should also include those products that can reduce the power consumption of vehicle-mounted electronic equipment and extend the service life of electronic equipment.

A few days ago, during the China Electronics Fair, Gu Benche, manager of the sales department of TDK's Shanghai office in East China, introduced the details of TDK's commitment to environmental protection while developing products that comply with international environmental regulations during an exclusive interview with EDN China. It is reported that under the current trend of rising fuel costs, TDK is committed to research and development of various green automotive automotive electronic components. Among the products with outstanding characteristics include: DC-DC converters for HEVs that have been mass-produced in Japan and the United States. NEO magnets (metal magnets) for driving motors. TDK will use the main components of HEV / EV as a starting point to improve the efficiency of its products by improving the materials of IGBT drive transformers used in HEV / EV power systems. In addition, TDK's subsidiary New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (ATL) has been committed to mass production of lithium batteries for mobile phones. ATL will use its advanced technology in lithium batteries to develop batteries for EVs with a view to building a battery management system.

We believe that China's hybrid vehicle market will grow rapidly. TDK will introduce advanced Japanese technology to China and integrate it with R & D resources here.

—— Gu Benche, Manager of Sales Department of TDK East China Office

Gubenche believes that the so-called environmentally friendly cars can be considered as cars with the purpose of saving energy in the environment of rising fuel costs. Therefore, TDK considers to focus its attention on global automobile manufacturers. As a manufacturer of passive components, it should be familiar with the requirements of customers, and the production of products should meet the requirements of customers as much as possible. Specifically, it includes: high requirements for reliability-related parts; high temperature resistance of the engine mounted electronic brake system; requirements for miniaturization and vibration resistance.

Gubenche said that for TDK, the requirements for reliability are now the first priority. From the perspective of product cost, it should also be as simple as possible. "We will evaluate the product before the new product is released, and use this evaluation as a basis to reflect Reduce, Recycle, and Reuse when developing, designing and producing the product."

In terms of EMC countermeasure components of TDK's main products, with the in-vehicle electrical equipment, and the installation of in-vehicle networks, this market will be even broader. TDK will release products that can contribute to EMC countermeasures based on material development based on the key areas of passive component manufacturers.

Gubenche specifically mentioned that last year TDK acquired the German company EPCOS. The combination of the two companies will bring a positive collaboration effect. Specifically, EPCOS is strong in Europe and Asia in automotive electronics. For example, wireless communication products for engine theft prevention and TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system), sensors for temperature sensing of air conditioners, obstacle sensing, etc., these products will be used as key products.

At present, TDK's products in the automotive market are all energy-saving products. Not only the reduction of energy consumption, but also the high density and modularity, and the most important thing is to improve the reliability of the product. The DC-DC converter released by TDK for HEV automotive insight last year is a new product that has achieved miniaturization and weight reduction (weight reduction of 45%); NEO magnets (metal magnets) used for insight, Prius and other drive motors are also the same It is also a high-performance product that achieves high heat resistance; in the field of motors, the FB12 series of ferrite magnets for electric motors (sliders, power windows, starters, etc.) for automotive motors are larger in size than previous ones The product has shrunk by more than 30%.

In addition, the use of metal material properties-such as ferrite magnets-can reduce the volume of components, "With the main material unchanged, we change the material properties by adding some new materials, and then significantly reduce the device Volume, "said Gubenche," You can think of it as a brand new material. "In addition, our conductive resin terminal chip capacitor series, in fact, the application of new materials like conductive resin also get rid of the welding process Leaded soldering, which is prohibited by environmental regulations, solves the problem.

At present, TDK has not invested in automotive electronics research and development in China. Gu Benche said that although China has become a global automobile production country, its technical needs should not be much different from mature markets such as Europe and the United States. "For us, it is more important The purpose is to let Chinese customers further understand TDK's technology and products, and recognize our existence, "Gu Benche said," Although the current development status of China's hybrid vehicles is not yet clear, we believe that this market in China will definitely Rapid development and growth, TDK will take DC-DC converter as the axis, and set up a special team as soon as possible to grasp the market. "

Thanks to the incentives of relevant government policies, TDK China ’s sales have rebounded sharply since March. The average growth rate from March to May reached 144%, which rose sharply in June. Compared with February this year, the growth rate was as high as 284 %, Sales in the automotive electronics field set a new historical record.

At present, TDK is making every effort to increase production capacity, especially MLCC, SMD coil, magnet, etc. Gubenche said that overall, the current sales have not reached the peak, and will pay more attention to the situation of customers in the future to increase production capacity. "In the past, TDK focused mainly on European, American, and Japanese customers. In the future, TDK will pay more attention to local Chinese manufacturers," Gu Benche said. "Soon, the elimination of automobile manufacturers will begin, and we will continue to Focusing on local manufacturers in China, TDK will develop with customers in China, which is constantly evolving. "

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