The "weird" video app for teenagers can only be seen

Facebook has just announced a strange new application, this new application called Lifestage was developed for young users, and the person who developed it is only 19 years old.

This product can help middle school students to better understand their classmates. Young users can use it to make some videos to express their love and hate, and of course they can also see videos produced and released by classmates.

This app can't be used to send messages, and users are not allowed to like videos, but users can see the number of times their videos are viewed every day. However, users can't see who the video was seen by.

Facebook places great emphasis on middle school students. As long as 20 students fill in the name of a school when they register, Lifestage will open it to the school. This is not a true authentication system, as most middle school students don't even have a personal email address.

According to Facebook, the app is especially appealing to young users because it is designed by a teenager. The developer of the app is 19-year-old product manager Michael Sayman.

Like Snapchat, this new app also wants to attract the attention of younger users and also focus on the video content created by users. Facebook just released a feature that was apparently copied from Snapchat earlier this month: Instagram Stories.

However, ConsTIne, a technology blogger at TechCrunch, believes that the purpose of launching the app is not whether it can succeed, but rather to accumulate experience and let Facebook learn how to integrate the video into the user's Facebook profile.

Regardless, Facebook expects that most of the content in the user's News Feed will one day be video.

This app is currently only available on the iOS platform.

FB develops a new "weird" video app for teenagers.

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