How to Mobile Security for Mobile Phones

Introduction: The mobile power of mobile phones has been completely popularized. It can be said that it is a manpower and it has become a necessity for home travel. However, when traveling on business, we will inevitably question whether the mobile power, especially the larger mobile power, can be carried on the plane. What are the regulations for mobile power for mobile phones? The following Wopin Technology will provide you with detailed answers to the questions in this area.

How to Mobile Security for Mobile Phones

First, can the mobile power take the plane?

It can be determined that high-quality mobile phone power can be brought to the plane.

According to the latest regulations of the Civil Aviation Administration, mobile power with a rated energy of lithium batteries ranging from 100 watt-hours to 160 watt-hours is allowed to bring aircraft. Because mobile power materials are mostly lithium ions, and lithium is extremely unstable metal, it is natural for lithium-ion batteries to generate heat when exposed to high temperatures. If the consignment processing is performed, it may also be natural due to crushing collisions, causing damage to the flight. Therefore, the rated energy of lithium batteries must not exceed the scope and cannot be checked. More than one hundred and sixty watt-hours of mobile power needs to be transported by means of dangerous goods passages. General passengers carry mobile power between one hundred watt-hours and one hundred and sixty-five watt-hours, with no more than two. After security checks, they can be carried in hand luggage.

Second, how to check whether the mobile power meets the requirements

We mentioned above that the lithium battery has a rated energy of between one hundred watt-hours and one hundred and sixty-five watt-hours. Then how do you check if your mobile power supply meets the requirements?

In fact, the calculation method is to multiply the rated capacity marked on the mobile power source by the rated voltage, and the result can be obtained.

It is understandable that many business people and travelers will take mobile power to protect their power supply. But friends must carry the reputable cell phone mobile power according to the regulations, and do not use mobile power to charge the cell phone during the flight. Only strict compliance with flight regulations can ensure that we travel safely and securely.

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The advantages of the solution of motorcycle engine starter lithium battery, compared to the traditional lead-acid battery, motorcycle special starting lithium battery in addition to high energy density, there are the following advantages:

1. More environmental protection

Lead-acid batteries are polluted in the production process and may cause pollution if they are not recycled properly. Lithium batteries are green and environmental friendly.

2. Longer service life.

3. Low self-discharge rate, less than 10% per month, lead acid battery can reach 30%.

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