LED lighting and sensor technology [Figure]

As a fourth-generation new type of luminaire, LED lighting fixtures are a significant advantage in terms of energy saving, low carbon and no pollution. LED lighting has become the focus of everyone's attention because of its high energy saving, long life and environmental protection. In recent years, the high-brightness LED light source has experienced rapid advancement in its manufacturing technology, and its production cost has been reduced. The sales price has dropped by 30-35% for several consecutive years. Nowadays, LED light source is used as a high-brightness, high-efficiency, energy-saving and carbon-free energy-saving lighting source. It has become a huge demand in the world. An emerging industry that manufactures LED lighting is emerging, the industry chain is becoming more and more perfect, and technology is becoming more and more mature.

The biggest difference between LED lighting and traditional lighting, LED lighting is a complete electronic product, and traditional lighting is only an electrical product. Therefore, LED lamps can be easily associated with various types of sensors, thereby achieving various automatic control functions such as light control and infrared control. For example, the automatic switch of LED street light can be easily realized by a photosensitive sensor; community night walkway and courtyard lighting can use infrared sensor to collect human activity information and automatically open and close lighting fixtures...

LED lighting switch automatic control

As a device for signal acquisition and electromechanical conversion, the electromechanical technology of the sensor is quite mature. In recent years, the rise of MEMS technology has made the sensor technology a step toward miniaturization, intelligence, multi-function and low cost. Various types of sensors, such as photosensitive sensors and infrared sensors, can be combined with LED lighting fixtures to form an intelligent control system. The sensors convert various collected physical quantity signals into electrical signals, which can be integrated into the AD converter, MCU, and DA. The converter intelligently processes the acquired signals to control the opening and closing of the LED lighting fixtures. Humans can set various control requirements on the MCU to control the switching time, brightness, color rendering, and colorful changes of the LED lights, thereby achieving the goal of saving energy and saving energy. The system block diagram of the sensor and LED luminaire is shown in Figure 1. The current integrated circuit manufacturing technology has been able to integrate AD, DA, and MCU in a 5X5mm or smaller package, and it is convenient to install in the luminaire.

Sensor and LED luminaire system block diagram

Figure 1: Block diagram of the sensor and LED luminaire system (click on image to enlarge)

Photosensitive sensor combined with LED lamp

Wind-electric LED street light is a highly intelligent and unattended road lighting fixture that uses wind and sunlight to generate electricity and uses batteries to store energy. Therefore, automatic energy management is very important. Photosensitive sensor is an ideal electronic sensor that can control the automatic switching of the circuit due to changes in illumination during dawn and sunrise (sunrise, sunset). Figure 2 shows the appearance of a photosensor. Figure 3 is a photosensor plate of a photosensor that is very sensitive to the brightness of light. Figure 4 is a basic schematic diagram of photoelectric conversion. The working principle of the light control LED lamp lighting system is shown in Figure 1.

Photosensitive sensor can automatically control the opening and closing of LED lighting in shopping malls according to weather, time zone and region. Reduce power consumption by reducing its output power during bright daylight hours, and convenience stores with a store area of ​​200m2 can reduce power consumption by up to 53% compared to when using fluorescent lamps. The life span is also about 50,000-100,000 hours. Under normal circumstances, the life of LED lighting fixtures is about 40,000 hours; the color of the illuminating light can also adopt the RGB colorful and changing way, which makes the shopping malls more colorful and more active; and the original blue LEDs with yellow phosphors. Compared with purple LEDs with red, green and blue phosphors, the color rendering is higher.

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