South Korea introduces LED industry strengthening policy to accelerate the popularization of LED lighting

The Korean government has actively promoted energy-saving lighting and formulated a series of policies to cultivate and strengthen the LED industry, accelerating the popularity of LED lighting in Korea. And proposed to increase the market share of LED in 2012 from 8.3% in 2008 to 15%.

South Korea will expand the use of LED lighting fixtures around the city. As of April 2010, 17% of the approximately 930,000 lighting fixtures in Seoul, South Korea have been replaced with LED lighting fixtures, and it is planned to replace all lighting fixtures in Seoul public institutions with LEDs by 2020.

In addition, the relevant departments of the Korean railways spent 1.38 billion won, and it is planned to replace the lighting fixtures of 200 vehicles with LEDs before the end of 2010, and then replace the remaining 1800 vehicles in stages.

Due to price factors, the current penetration rate of ordinary Korean families is only 2%. To this end, the Ministry of Knowledge Economy of Korea plans to provide subsidies for LED lighting purchasers for chicken farms, houses, and shopping malls, and to provide financing for large-scale private buildings called "ESCO."

The South Korean government has planned to invest more than 1 trillion won in chip development by 2012. It is also planning to increase research and development investment in new areas of the LED lighting industry to ensure that South Korea has the world's leading technology.

The Korean government and enterprises have actively formulated policies, but there are still four problems in order to expand the LED industry. This is the guarantee of talent, materials, reliability, and the relationship between SMEs and large companies.

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