Analysis of the role of "door magnetic sensor" in smart home systems

The door magnetic system in our life can be generally divided into three parts: the door magnetic switch, the door magnetic sensor (detector) and the door magnetic alarm. Some access control systems are based on intelligent bus and the same system platform, so smart terminal smart home can easily access the video doorbell system door machine and management center to realize visitor intercom, message, photo and access control functions, and become our family safety. The first line of defense. These can also be equipped with intelligent proximity cards and fingerprint locks for intelligent linkage, such as synchronous disarming alarms, turning on corresponding lights or modes.

How does the wired magnetic sensor work?

In the smart home access control system, the function of the magnetic switch is responsible for the magnetic power of the door, the magnetic circuit (closed door), the degaussing (opening), the magnetic installation on the door and the door cover, the switch is installed in the house, with automatic Used by the door closer, it can generally withstand a pulling force of 150 kg.

The wired door magnet is more concealed for the embedded installation, and the opening and closing of the induction door and window is suitable for the wired normally closed/normally open switch signal of the wooden or aluminum alloy door and window. Door magnets are used to detect whether doors, windows, drawers, etc. are illegally opened or moved. It consists of a wireless transmitter and a magnetic block. The door magnetic system is actually the same as the bed magnet. Here is mainly the case of the door magnet.

How does the wireless magnetic sensor work?

The wireless door magnet is composed of a wireless transmitting module and a magnetic block. The wireless transmitting module has a "steel reed" component at two arrows, when the distance between the magnet and the reed pipe is kept within 1.5 cm. The steel spring tube is in the off state. Once the distance between the magnet and the steel spring tube exceeds 1.5 cm, the steel spring tube will close, causing a short circuit, and the alarm indicator light is on, and an alarm signal is sent to the host. The wireless door sensor is used to monitor the switch status of the door. When the door is opened for whatever reason, the wireless door sensor immediately transmits a specific radio wave and alerts the host remotely.

The wireless door alarm wireless alarm signal can transmit 200 meters in the open space and 20 meters in the general house, which is closely related to the surrounding environment. The wireless door magnet generally adopts a power-saving design. When the door is closed, it does not transmit a radio signal. At this time, the power consumption is only a few micro-amps. When the door is opened, the wireless alarm signal is immediately transmitted for about 1 second, and then stops by itself. At this time, even if the door is always open, it will not be fired again. This is to prevent the internal battery from running out due to continuous transmitter emission, which affects the alarm. The wireless door magnet is also designed with a battery low voltage detection circuit. When the battery voltage is lower than 8 At the time of volts, the LP LED below will illuminate. In this case, the A23 alarm battery must be replaced immediately, otherwise the reliability of the alarm will be affected.

The wireless door sensor is generally mounted on the inside of the door. It consists of two parts: the smaller part is a permanent magnet, the inside has a permanent magnet to generate a constant magnetic field, and the larger is the wireless door magnet body. There is a normally open reed switch. When the permanent magnet and the reed switch are close together (less than 5 mm), the wireless magnetic sensor is in the working state. When the permanent magnet leaves the reed pipe for a certain distance, the wireless door The magnetic sensor immediately transmits a high-frequency radio signal of 315 MHz including the address code and its own identification code (that is, the data code). The receiving board determines whether it is the same alarm system by identifying the address code of the radio signal, and then identifies it according to its own identity. The code (that is, the data code) determines which wireless door magnetic alarm is.

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