Shellett launches new series of "Hua Deng" LED downlights and recessed lights

After the "Xiaoyueliang" LED bulbs were put on the market and launched a hot sale, Shelly once again launched a new series of healthy LED lighting products, "Hua Deng" LED downlights and recessed lights.

The main body of “Hua Deng” series uses aluminum column heat dissipation, and the outer edge is made of polymer material that never fades. It is light and durable, and expands the application range. LED downlight adopts high-quality brightness-increasing film, the beam is more focused; LED recessed lamp innovative anti-glare circle recessed design, supplemented by special lens, eliminates LED downlight and recessed light glare. More healthy 3000K/5000K color temperature setting, ultra-bright lighting effect, greatly enhance the indoor lighting experience.

Commercial Blenders

Commercial Blenders are our new product series. We have a full range of commercial blenders, including rotary switch commercial blenders, push button commercial blenders, LED touch panel commercial blenders, etc.  All of our commercial blenders jar are PC unbreakable jar, very strong and sturdy.

Discription of Commercial Blenders

Size: 2L, 3L

Jar Material:  PC unbreakable jar

Controls Type: Rotary switch, push button, LED touch panel

Flying  new large commercial blenders

Commercial Blenders

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