Dazu Optoelectronics released high-speed automatic wire bonding machine performance to achieve import level

[Text / Long Zonghui] On April 2, 2013, Dazu Laser (002008.SZ), a subsidiary of LED Optoelectronics, officially released a new high-speed automatic wire bonding machine, including flat wire bonding machine HANS- 5200, HANS-5201, straight wire bonding machine HANS-5100, HANS-5110.

As one of the core equipments in the LED packaging industry, wire bonding machines have been monopolized by foreign companies represented by ASM.

“The wire bonding equipment is a combination of high productivity and high precision. The wire bonding technology includes thermal ultrasonic, motion control (multi-axis synchronization), optical identification and positioning, high-voltage electronic ignition and non-stick detection, temperature control and other key technologies. He Yunbo, general manager of Optoelectronics, said that with the advantage of the parent company's Dazu laser in automation technology, the company has had successful market-oriented experience in other LED packaging equipment, including solid crystal machines, beam splitters and tape machines in the past few years. “The new generation of high-speed automatic wire bonding machine series released this year means that Dazu Optoelectronics has already possessed the R&D production capacity of the whole set of LED packaging equipment.”

He Yunbo revealed that due to multi-axis linear motor servo control module, Bangtou drive and control module, ultrasonic drive and control module, high-voltage electronic ignition and non-stick detection module, multi-channel temperature control and monitoring module, stepper motor control board, bottom layer The core components such as soft firmware, upper application software, and mechanical parts (XYZ+ input and output + loading and unloading + CAE) are all independently developed. Therefore, the new generation of high-speed automatic wire bonding machine has advantages in cost and performance compared with the previous products.

At present, the wire bonding cycle of HANS-5201 has reached 50ms, and the wire bonding cycle of international mainstream models is basically between 50ms and 55ms.

The reporter learned that the flat wire bonding machine HANS-5200 and HANS-5201 are suitable for COB, high power, 0603, 0805, 1206, 3528 (ball head), 3020, 5050 (ball head), 5050 transparent material, 3014, etc. Support gold wire, alloy wire, copper wire welding.

Among them, the welding wire cycle of HANS-5200 is 80ms/line, and the wire bonding cycle of HANS-5201 is 50ms/line.

The straight wire bonding machine HANS-5100 and HANS-5110 are suitable for in-line LED (single crystal, double crystal, polycrystalline) bracket, three-legged common cathode, common anode bracket, four-corner RGB full color straight bracket, support gold wire , alloy wire, copper wire material, material fork discharge. UPH HANS-5100 is single line 18K, double line 11K; HANS-5110 is single line 28K, double line 18K.

The wire bonding machine includes three axes of X, Y and Z. It requires three-axis synchronization, and the arc is oscillated within 20um, and the motion is decoupled. The XY axial force requirement is 100kgf, and the speed is 1m/s, which is equivalent to a person weighing about 200 pounds running at a speed of 3.6km/hour, and landing on a micrometer level. The movement distance within 6 mm of the Z-axis and the acceleration of 200 g also require a movement speed of 3.5 m/s.

The working process of the wire bonding machine is that the first end of the gold wire is formed into a spherical shape by negative high-voltage electron ignition, and the metal surface of the welding is first pre-heat treated, and then the gold wire is combined with time and pressure on the metal welding surface. Plastic deformation occurs, so that the two media reach a reliable contact, and the ultrasonic vibration vibration, the metal bond between the two metal atoms under the action of atomic affinity, the gold wire lead is welded.

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