Panoramic parking assist and car entertainment system solutions

Reversing has always been a headache for the majority of drivers, and experienced drivers have also experienced scratching. Therefore, from the original ultrasonic probe to the popular visual reversing radar, the reversing radar product has become one of the necessary safety equipment for automobiles. At the same time, the visual reversing radar based on a single rear-view camera can only see the rear of the car body, can not see the situation around the car at the same time, there is a blind spot of the viewing angle, so there is a 360-degree panoramic image reversing demand around the car body, namely panoramic parking assist system. The system can be more intuitive, safe and reliable to assist in reversing, so it must become a trend of parking systems. At present, only a few luxury models such as the BMW X6 and the Infiniti EX35 have introduced a panoramic parking system. The panoramic parking system installs 4 to 8 wide-angle cameras covering all fields of view around the vehicle around the car. The multi-channel video images collected at the same time are processed into a 360-degree vehicle top view around the vehicle, and finally at the center console. The screen shows that the driver can clearly see if there are obstacles around the vehicle and understand the relative orientation and distance of the obstacles, helping the driver to park the vehicle easily.

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Main chip introduction

The main chip uses NXP's PNX953X series. The core is a high-performance 32-bit Trimedia TM3282 core with very long instruction words (VLIW). It executes 8 instructions in parallel in a single cycle and supports IEEE standard single-precision floating-point operations with speeds up to 450MHz. The PNX953X block diagram is as follows:

Panoramic parking assist and car entertainment system solutions

For panoramic parking applications, the recommended model is PNX9530 with a frequency of 351MHz. The features are as follows:

High performance DSP core. Trimedia TM3282, VLIW architecture, supports IEEE standard single precision floating point operations

Supports up to 8 PAL/NTSC camera inputs (ITU656 interface)

32-bit DDR1/DDR2 memory interface with frequency up to 266MHz (data rate up to 533MHz)

Supports up to 2 digital LCD output, or 2 PAL/NTSC ITU656 outputs

Support image zooming, de-interlacing, OSD and other functions, can achieve image split screen display, dynamic overlay reverse track and other effects

In addition to the above features for panoramic parking applications, the PNX9530 also has powerful multimedia processing capabilities to meet car entertainment requirements:

Supports up to 3 displays (can display 2 different sets of screens)

High-performance video decoder supporting H.264, MPEG-4, MPEG-2, RMVB, VC-1 and other formats. Which H.264 supports 720p or dual D1

High-performance audio decoder supporting Dolby, DTS, MP3, WMA, AAC, etc.

With DVD controller, IDE hard disk interface, USB OTG, SD card and many other multimedia application peripherals

Option 1: Panorama Parking Assist System

The system installs a wide-angle camera in the front, rear, left and right directions of the vehicle body (as shown in the figure), and corrects the distortion of the four wide-angle camera images, then performs bird's-eye transformation (perspective transformation), and then performs image stitching to synthesize one. Aerial view around the body.

Program advantage

high performance. The PNX9530 clocks up to 351MHz and can execute eight instructions per instruction cycle and supports IEEE standard floating point operations. DDR2 data rate of 533MHz / 32 bits, can provide enough memory bandwidth to handle large amounts of video data

low cost. Among competitor products, the processor cost of supporting simultaneous four-channel video input and distortion correction and bird's-eye view of video images is much higher than that of PNX9530.

Supports up to 8 camera inputs for high flexibility and scalability

OSD overlay, reversing track overlay, image split screen display, de-interlacing, etc. can all be realized by DSP, no need for additional dedicated chips, minimizing system complexity and saving overall machine cost

Support 2 channels of digital LCD output

Automotive-grade chips have passed AEC-Q100 certification, eliminating stability concerns

Option 2: High-performance multimedia platform + panoramic parking assist system

The PNX953X has powerful multimedia processing capabilities. In addition to panoramic parking imaging, you can also take full advantage of the multimedia features of the PNX9530 processor for DVD playback, HD video playback, digital TV viewing, Bluetooth communication, high-performance audio input and output, USB device connectivity and SD card connectivity. For you to show more pure entertainment, more advanced enjoyment. These multimedia and panoramic parking functions can be implemented in one PNX9530.

Panoramic parking assist and car entertainment system solutions

Program advantages:

A high-performance, low-cost platform that enables both multimedia entertainment systems and bird's-eye view parking systems

Supports up to 3 displays (can display 2 different sets of screens)

High-performance video decoder supporting H.264, MPEG-4, MPEG-2, RMVB, VC-1 and other formats. Which H.264 supports 720p or dual D1

High-performance audio decoder that supports Dolby, DTS, MP3, WMA, AAC, etc., and can achieve professional-grade high-quality car audio effects through the high-performance PNX9530 processor with floating-point computing capability.

With DVD controller, IDE hard disk interface, USB OTG, SD card and many other multimedia application peripherals

Physical picture

The figure below shows the physical map of the PNX9530 DEMO.

Panoramic parking assist and car entertainment system solutions

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