Can't see the pure guess? Online shopping appliances is not easy

[PConline talk] recently Xiaobian has a relative to do a new house renovation, began to buy a house of appliances, Xiao Bian also started as a free consultation role, and Xiao Bian can only find products from the Internet, product screening, In the end, it was discovered that facing the fine pictures on the Internet and the cold parameters may be really tangled.

Just looking at the parameters, you really can't see the difference being so big

For product price difference, in addition to the luxury brand, in our impression, the difference between the general brand is not particularly great, but in the process of selecting hoods for relatives, Xiao Bian really got a little tangled. First set the style, relatives home to choose the side suction type hood, starting from this large classification, in the hood size meets the premise, and then refer to the hood exhaust air volume and maximum pressure for a round of screening and found The difference between the thousand-odd hood and some 3,000 or more models and parameters does not reflect the disparity in the price, and many thousands of hoods can provide up to five years warranty. Let Xiao Bian is also very tangled, seemingly recommend relatives to buy expensive will be more secure, single difference in front, even if the budget is adequate, but also find a reason to say why the election is better.

Choose a good model, see a bad review, and dare not buy

It was hard to determine the model of the range hood. Finally, it was believed that you should have a good reason. You chose a big brand, and the products with higher sales rate were also higher. Habitually took a look at the bad reviews. The place came again, and many people in the bad review said they would have to collect more than 500 pieces of installation materials. If there are no service outlets at the installation site, they must also increase the fare. In other words, this selected hood is likely to cost nearly 1,000 more to buy at any time.

In the face of possible costs, Xiaobian information on the online customer service, said a clear location, the customer service said Xiaobian relatives do not need a remote fee at home, the installation is free of charge, some parts of the hood can support the installation is complete, but If the exhaust pipe is to be extended, the check valve, the decorative pipe of the side hood, etc. are all charged, it seems reasonable to hear the explanation of the customer service, but it is indeed when you buy online, if you do not ask If you are customer service, you will not know the costs that may be incurred.

Hot models turned out to be online special edition?

After selecting the hood, another problem was discovered. There were several comments that the hood was an online special edition. The materials and performance of the offline version were all stronger, but it was more expensive than a thousand yuan. Is the line really special edition? This is really a lot of manufacturers will launch such a product, some online models are not available online, you may find the appearance and function are the same product, but the model is different, the difference in performance is only their own We distinguished or consulted.

The version purchased online is nearly one thousand cheaper. As consumers, especially consumers of online shopping appliances, it is possible to see only a few differences in parameters. It is difficult to know whether the actual materials are shrinking or not.

Finally, word of mouth affects the choice

Finally, with all sorts of questions, the relative of Xiao Bian still decided to go to the store. After all, the products at various price levels can be tried and seeing is true. Going to the physical store, at least the distinction between the workmanship is much simpler. The texture can be seen, and some of the joints and firmness of the product can be felt. In the case of a small price difference between the line and the line, the relative of Xiao Bian still chose to purchase a hood in a physical store. After all, the store owner can arrange immediate delivery and installation. The installation of related materials can also allow the installer to go to the field. Having read the price again, the heart is much more practical.

Is there any benefit to buying online appliances?

In fact, online shopping home appliances also have many advantages, such as the price will usually be lower, the choice of products are more, some local stores or shopping malls are not brand-name appliances, choose to buy online is also a good choice . All in all, online shopping is definitely more advantageous in terms of convenience, and there is more time to go shopping in physical stores and it is also very beneficial to shop around.

Full text summary

In the face of some household electrical appliances with indistinguishable parameters, screening on the Internet will indeed bring a lot of confusion. The real workmanship and texture of products need to be seen in kind to be able to judge better. When you choose the same model online, you can buy it cheaper online and you can save a little on the purchase cost by purchasing online. This point also highlights the benefits of online shopping, and after online shopping becomes more and more developed, the e-commerce website is a very good channel for us to understand our products, which definitely brings us more convenience.

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