2014 (5th) High-tech LED Golden Globe Awards registration as of July 31st at 24:00

[Text|High-tech LED reporter Xiong Yuheng] "Promoting LED products and promoting LED good brands." With this aim and purpose, the high-tech LED Golden Globe Awards has been successfully held for four sessions. The 2014 (5th) High-tech LED Golden Globe Awards registration is in full swing. According to the organizer Gao Gong LED, the deadline for the registration of this Golden Globe Award (24 o'clock on July 31) is only less than a week.

"As of now, hundreds of companies have signed up to participate in the selection of the Golden Globe Awards. Whether it is the upstream and downstream supporting products, or the downstream application of lighting, the competition is very intense." Golden Globe Awards It is mentioned that this year the organizers have made corresponding changes to the Golden Globe Awards selection process in order to more objectively and more equitably select good products and good brands in the industry.

Different from the previous Golden Globe Awards online voting + on-site CEO selection, this year's Golden Globe Awards has launched a new selection method. The upper, middle and lower reaches supporting product categories will be finalized by the industry WeChat real name vote (each The top three candidates for the category are shortlisted, and then the final winner of the Golden Globe Awards will be awarded by a panel of judges composed of well-known experts in the industry (random and downstream from each of the experts in the field, and a total of 27 people). .

The application of the lighting category is the first time that the enterprise submits the registration product. The organizing committee sends the registered product to the third-party testing organization for relevant testing. The test result reaches the G20 standard level 1 indicator is the minimum finalist standard, and the top three parameters are the highest. The name entered the Golden Globe candidate list, and then the expert judge (the judges randomly selected 9 experts) real-name voting to produce the final Golden Globe winners.

"The industry is changing, our selection rules also need to continue to innovate, but the Golden Globe Award for the purpose of finding good products and good brands has not changed. The change of the selection rules is to be responsible for each product selected, responsible for the industry, and strive Select good products to help companies optimize their supply chains to promote healthy development of the industry,” said the person in charge.

Since last year, the demand for LED lighting terminals has continued to grow, especially in the field of LED indoor lighting. According to data from the High-Tech LED Industry Research Institute (GLII), the indoor functional lighting output value reached 74.7 billion yuan in 2013, making it the largest application area for production value and the fastest growing application area. It is initially expected that indoor lighting will also achieve substantial growth this year.

“After the market baptism in the previous two years, the LED lighting industry has become blindly rational. With the improvement of product performance and the continuous decline in prices, consumers’ acceptance of LED lighting has improved significantly. This year, the home lighting market is expected to usher in an explosion.” Dr. Zhang Xiaofei, Chairman of Gaogong LED, said that the next channel construction will become the focus of LED lighting enterprises.

Nowadays, the whole industry has passed the era of “low price is king”. With the improvement of consumer awareness, the development of channels is indispensable for high-quality products. Therefore, the attention of everyone began to shift from the price of the product to the quality, guiding the development of the industry to return to rationality. Therefore, it seems more rational and cautious in the choice of suppliers.

“It is more difficult to find a good supplier than to find a good customer. The supplier is as important as the customer status.” The industry generally believes that the future LED market dispute must be a dispute between quality and brand, and the quality requirements of suppliers will be more demanding. . After all, the suppliers' raw materials are not closed, the company's positioning is high, the process is advanced, and there is no good product.

2014 High-tech Golden Globe Award-LED Good Product Selection--Annual Brand Feast On July 31st, at 24 o'clock, the company's registration for the registration deadline, registration as soon as possible!

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