Ultra-high brightness LED performance and application

As the advertising department limits the brightness of outdoor LED displays , high-brightness LED displays are reduced in the market. High brightness has gradually become a thing of the past in the LED display industry. It is still very popular in other applications. Let us now look at the performance and application of ultra-high brightness LEDs.

  First, the performance of ultra-high brightness LED:

Ultra-high brightness red A1GaAsLED has higher luminous efficiency than GaAsP-GaPLED, and the lumen efficiency of transparent liner low (TS) A1GaAsLED (640nm) is close to 10lm/w, which is 10 times larger than red GaAsP-GaPLED. Ultra-high brightness InGaAlPLED provides the same color as GaAsP-GaPLED: green yellow (560nm), light green yellow (570nm), yellow (585nm), light yellow (590nm), orange (605nm), light red (625nm deep red (640nm) The transparent substrate A1GaInPLED luminous efficiency is compared with other LED structures and incandescent light sources. The InGaAlPLED absorption substrate (AS) has a lumen efficiency of 101m/w, a transparent substrate (TS) of 201m/w, and a wavelength of 590-626nm. The lumen efficiency is 10-20 times higher than that of GaAsP-GaPLED; 2-4 times higher than GaAsP-GaPLED in the wavelength range of 560-570. Ultra-high brightness InGaN LED provides blue and green light with wavelength The range of blue is 450-480nm, blue green is 500nm, green is 520nm; its lumen efficiency is 3-151m/w. The current lumen efficiency of ultra-high brightness LED has exceeded that of incandescent lamp with filter, which can replace power 1w Incandescent lamps, and LED arrays can replace incandescent lamps up to 150W. For many applications, incandescent lamps use filters to get red, orange, green, and blue, while ultra-high-brightness LEDs are available. The same color. In recent years, AlGaInP materials and InGaN materials A plurality of high brightness LED (red, blue, green) high brightness LED chips are combined, can be obtained without filters of various colors, including red, orange, yellow, green, blue, the luminous efficiency of the current It has already surpassed the incandescent lamp and is close to the fluorescent lamp. The brightness of the light is higher than 1000mcd, which can meet the needs of outdoor all-weather and full-color display. The LED color large screen can express the sky and the ocean to realize three-dimensional animation. A new generation of red and green, Blue ultra-high brightness LEDs have achieved unprecedented performance.

Second, the application of ultra-high brightness LED:

   Information indicator

Car signal indication: The car indicator lights are mainly the direction lights, tail lights and brake lights on the outside of the car; the interior of the car is mainly the illumination and display of various instruments. Ultra-high-brightness LEDs for automotive lighting have many advantages over traditional incandescent lamps and have a broad market in the automotive industry. LEDs are able to withstand strong mechanical shocks and vibrations. The average working life MTBF is several orders of magnitude higher than incandescent bulbs, far higher than the working life of the car itself, so the LED brake lights can be packaged as a whole without having to consider maintenance. Transparent substrates Al.GaAs and AlInGaPLEDs have a relatively high lumen efficiency compared to incandescent bulbs with filters, so that LED brake lamps and directional lamps can operate at lower drive currents. Typical drive currents are only incandescent. 1/4 of the light, which reduces the distance the car uses for travel. The lower electric power also reduces the size and weight of the car's internal wiring system, while also reducing the internal temperature rise of the integrated LED beacon, allowing the lens and housing to use low temperature resistant plastic. The response time of the LED brake light is 100 ns, which is shorter than the response time of the incandescent lamp, which leaves the driver with more reaction time, thus improving the safety of the driving. The illuminance and color of the exterior lights of the car are clearly defined. Although the interior lighting display of a car is not controlled by the relevant government departments like an external signal light, the manufacturer of the car has requirements for the color and illumination of the LED. GaPLEDs have long been used in the car, and ultra-high-brightness AlGaInP and InGaN LEDs will replace the incandescent lamps in the car because they meet the manufacturer's requirements in terms of color and illumination. From the price point of view, although LED lights are more expensive than incandescent lamps, the price of the two systems is not significantly different from the overall system. With the development of ultra-high brightness TSAlGaAs and AlGaInPLED, the price has been continuously reduced in recent years, and the reduction will be even greater in the future.

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