DIY car anti-theft module, system solution, hardware and software architecture

1 Introduction

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1.1. Background

Based on the traditional anti-theft system, this paper adopts the embedded system concept and proposes a new all-round vehicle safety solution. On the PSoC3 hardware development platform, a smart car lock with remote monitoring function is designed. The development of remote wireless network provides a good application foundation. The terminal has wide application prospects in the field of automobile anti-theft, etc. due to its convenient installation, flexibility and high cost performance.

1.2. Research status at home and abroad

The system is mainly composed of several modules: fingerprint identification module, GPS module and GPRS module. We will now introduce the development of each technology at home and abroad.

(1) Fingerprint recognition

At present, the most widely used and market share identification method in the world is the traditional fingerprint identification technology (Automated Fingerprint Identification System, AFIS) combined with modern pattern recognition technology, computer technology and network technology. In China, in the late 1980s and early 1990s, the stand-alone AFIS studied by Tsinghua University and the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, Peking University and Shanghai Public Security Bureau were put into practical use.

(2) GPS

Global Position System technology is now mature and easy to use. Due to the all-weather, high-precision and automatic measurement characteristics of GPS technology, as an advanced measurement method and new productivity, it has been integrated into various application fields of national economic construction, national defense construction and social development. Up to now, the global positioning target of the vehicle GPS intelligent terminal has been conveniently obtained through the dedicated GPS module, and the positioning accuracy is high. In recent years, with the popularization of the GSM/GPRS network in China, the vehicle terminal passes the GSM/GPRS network and monitors. The way the center communicates has become the most popular way.

(three) GPRS

Abbreviation for General Packet Radio Service, which is a mobile data service available to GSM mobile phone users. It is often described as "2.5G", which means that the technology is between the second generation (2G) and third generation (3G) mobile communication technologies. It provides medium speed data transfer by utilizing unused TDMA channels in the GSM network. GPRS breaks through the GSM network can only provide circuit switching thinking mode, only by adding corresponding functional entities and partial transformation of the existing base station system to achieve packet switching, the investment of this transformation is relatively small, but get The user data rate is quite impressive.

2. Project Overview

2.1. Work content

This project aims to design a smart car lock terminal on the PSoC3 platform. The terminal utilizes GPRS to send control information through a short message, so that the car is in a remote monitoring state, and at the same time, the geographic location information can be obtained from the interface of the GPS positioning system and transmitted to the user's mobile phone. Therefore, it can not only realize the anti-theft alarm function, but also can track and locate and remotely control the stolen car. In addition, the system uses fingerprint recognition technology and vibration sensor to realize safe unlocking, multiple insurance, anti-theft and remote monitoring functions.

Figure 1 System composition

Figure 1 System composition

The vehicle-end system of the vehicle anti-theft monitoring system based on GPRS forms an interactive platform between the owner and the vehicle-mounted terminal, which can realize the following functions:

1. Connect the fingerprint identification system to the vehicle terminal. When the fingerprint is confirmed, open the car lock (the car lock simulated by the relay);

2. The user can control the vehicle terminal to start and terminate the GPS work through GPRS. At the same time, the module can receive the location information from the GPS unit and forward the user's mobile phone through GPRS;

3. Connect the vehicle terminal to the vibration sensor. When a severe vibration occurs, an alarm signal is issued, and the vehicle terminal alerts the user via GPRS;

4. The vehicle terminal can also upload the live picture to the user through the GPRS unit.

1.1. Project technical route and technical indicators

1.1.1 Technical route

The function of the fingerprint recognition module is to open the lock. It allows the user to safely open the door when he forgets to bring the key. First, the image of the owner's fingerprint is obtained through the optical pickup, and the fingerprint template in the module is matched to calculate the similarity degree. When the similarity reaches a certain value, the module returns to the command control lock to open.

In order to complete the data transmission, the user sends an AT command to the GPRS module through the mobile phone to control the communication process of the mobile terminal. At the same time, the mobile terminal can also access the Internet by means of the gateway and route provided by GPRS, and complete the task of transmitting data with the host on the Internet through the TCP/IP network protocol.

The vibration sensor mounted on the vehicle uses a piezoelectric ceramic piece that generates a small voltage when it is tapped and pressed against its surface. In order to improve its sensitivity, a spring can be welded on the ceramic piece with a small hammer. When it is subjected to vibration, the small hammer oscillates, causing the surface of the ceramic piece to vibrate, generating a small voltage output, and amplifying into a comparator when its value When the threshold potential is greater than the set threshold, the GPS positioning system is started to start working, and the location information of the location is transmitted to the host. At this time, the owner can judge the condition of the car through the location, and can judge whether to turn off the GPS according to the specific situation, and send the execution result to the lock by Command ("1": no whistle; "2": whistle), The buzzer and sound amplifier in the lock perform an alarm or non-alarm command. 1.1.2 Technical Specifications

1. Data transfer rate 9.6 ~ 19.2kbps;

2. Control port: 28PIN interface, good scalability;

3. GPS positioning accuracy: 25M (SA OFF RSM 95%);

4. Recording of GPS data information: cyclically save GPS data;

5. 8Mbit data buffer;

6. GPRS transmission power: ≤0.3W;

7. Working voltage: 5V~12V;

8. Working current: ≤140mA;

9. Working conditions: temperature –20~60°C

1.2. Feasibility analysis

In foreign countries, fingerprint recognition locks are becoming more and more popular, but the domestic market has not been fully developed. The research on fingerprint identification of this project can draw a lot of foreign materials. Wireless monitoring technology has been widely used in various occasions, and the corresponding products are also mature; the current car anti-theft systems use the technology of vibration sensors. This project is to combine several mature technologies to achieve the intended purpose, so it has good feasibility.

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