Apple update wireless keyboard display will import LED backlight function

After the new 12-inch MacBook introduces a keyboard with a new butterfly mechanism, the next wave may be updated for Apple's wireless keyboard products, which may mean that the wireless keyboard that comes with the iMac will have a new design.

Apple has launched a new wireless keyboard product in the online store in the Czech Republic. Compared with the previous version, the new wireless keyboard adds brightness adjustment function to the F5 and F6 buttons. The display will introduce the LED backlight function and the right CD player exit button. Some will also be replaced by the host power button (as for the Enter button configuration is different from the United States and Taiwan, because the European region usually uses the L-Enter button design).

It is still uncertain whether Apple will continue to provide new wireless keyboards in the global region in the near future. At present, Apple online stores in the United States and Taiwan maintain the old version, and it is not certain whether it will be different from the previous version.

In addition, Apple's recently announced 12-inch MacBook, in addition to the introduction of a new brand new butterfly keyboard, also uses a new touchpad design, and the same design is also applied to the updated MacBookPro. Therefore, if you update the wireless keyboard design, you may also further update its MagicTrackpad products to make the touch operation more sensitive, and to properly use the four corners to press the operation function.

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