Family Security Technology Deployment Raiders

As the country intensifies efforts to build “safe city” and “safe campus”, civil monitoring is rapidly infiltrating into more and more fields, whether it is a smart city rising to the national level, intelligent transportation projects or small to campus. The demand for civil security in the fields of families and individuals is getting stronger and stronger.

Family security analysis concerns

Focus one: home security HD

For a long time, the debate about whether family security needs high definition has become the focus of many people. For the time when the surveillance camera just entered the family, it seems that the demand for climbing directly to HD is really dazzling. After all, when a small number of people began to recognize the concept of civil monitoring, the cost of the monitoring system and the higher cost of high-definition monitoring were actually quite astounding. When it comes to buying a surveillance camera, it is a new thing, and the high consumption of HD is obviously unacceptable. Moreover, let alone mention more practice.

However, as home HD has gradually opened up its own field, these traditional concepts are also undergoing a quiet change.

Nowadays, dedicated home security equipment has matured, and in terms of functions, many devices combined with the characteristics of the home environment no longer have monitoring as their only job. Ever since, the alarm and detection have become the guest of home security equipment. Of course, the non-uniqueness of monitoring applications does not represent a lack of monitoring requirements. Conversely, this monitoring-based alerting requirement will be more robustly positioned to address a basic need. Therefore, HD's ability to work naturally becomes the basis for accurate warning.

In addition, with the increasing functionality of home monitoring equipment, from the detection of cases to daily communication, home monitoring has become an increasingly indispensable carrier. As a result, the role of home monitoring has not only been limited to the need to "see criminal behavior," and HD is destined to become inevitable.

Focus 2: Mobile Internet becomes a new demand

In the past two years, the competition in the mobile phone industry can be said to bring our mobile communication technology to a new peak. Since the fall of the Nokia dynasty, it seems that no mobile brand has been able to return to the peak of the era of the Nokia Dynasty. This also reflects the fierce competition in the current mobile terminal market.

Ever since, from smart homes to burglar alarms, or video surveillance, if you don't echo the mobile terminal, it seems that you can't keep up with the trend.

In fact, for home security devices, mobilization has become a very interesting point of view. From the sim card vehicle positioning we mentioned at the beginning, to the telephone alarm of some home alarm devices. Too many features have been bundled with mobile phones, which also reflects the trend of today's dual-use home security from simple defense to active anti-theft. In the evolution of this trend, mobile phones have become a very important part.

Of course, for the current mobile terminal alarm function, although the popularity is not too low. However, there are always a variety of flaws in use. The charges of various gimmicks, various unstable factors are also testing the patience of users. In the author's view, the communication of mobile phone functions has long been the mainstream trend of home security. And for these charges, although today will give us a feeling of "awkward". However, with the deepening of family security and the development of functions, such fees may come to an end sooner or later.

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