The difference between Hi-End and non-Hi-End audio - musicality

The difference between Hi-End and non-Hi-End - musicality

There is no music in the sound of a sound system. This is the dividing line between Hi-End and non-Hi-End, because music is the soul of the Hi-End system.

The system is not very musical, this is a subtle problem depending on the equipment manufacturing design, matching and application adjustment process. It is not safe depending on the price of the system. Of course, it is not entirely dependent on the components. The quality and weight of the equipment. There are even a lot of mid-range stone machine systems, and even some high-priced digital-crystal systems, there is a "giant" type of water, in terms of compliant and tonality, the sound is also very standard, listen The hovering of the aircraft in the effect soundboard, the trajectory of the projectile launching, and the sound of the broken glass are all very good. The scene feels good. There is no particularly disgusting noise in this system, but for music lovers, especially It is a classical music lover and a fan. When listening to music, I always feel that there is a lack of listener "taste wax". We call this system poor in music.

As far as the current general manufacturing and application level is concerned, the musical sense of the amplifier is easier to be better than that of the stone machine. The music of the black disc analog (analog) phonograph is easier to do than the CD digital (digital) phonograph, so that There are still many high-level enthusiasts who are very identifiable, who are obsessed with the system of the amplifier and the black film player. They respect the sound of the music as "bile", and they sneer at the digital crystal system, even disdain one. Gu, all swearing that the sound they made is "digital sound", "crystal sound".

What is musicality?

Musicality is the sense of music. So, what is the “music sensation”? This is indeed a vocabulary that is difficult to define. We can only say that music is a listener with musical art appreciation and a subjective and joyful feeling for the beautiful content of music. This beautiful connotation may include rhythm, harmony, balance and many other unique temptations.

Music is a huge and wide-ranging thing formed by thousands of years of development and exchange in the world. It can be divided into two major categories: vocal music and instrumental music. Vocal music is a voice that is sung or sung by people. The singer has the sounds of men and women, as well as men and girls. According to the number of singers, there are solo, sing, and sing chorus. There are low, medium and high treble according to the voice. According to the singing method, it is divided into classical vocal singing, national singing and popular singing. Instrumental music is music formed by single or multiple musical instruments. There are quite a variety of musical instruments, which can be roughly classified into stringed instruments by type. Small, medium, big, bass, Chinese music, etc.), woodwinds (flute, piccolo, clarinet, oboe, British tube and various Chinese cymbals, flutes, locks, cymbals, etc.) , brass instruments (small, horn, trombone, large, etc.), keyboard instruments (piano, celesta, organ, keyboard, etc.), plucked instruments (sage, guitar, mandolin, Chinese music, Yueqin, Sanxian, and Zheng, Guzheng, Guqin, etc.), percussion instruments (there are timpani instruments, bells, xylophones, etc.: the monotonous percussion instruments have drums, snare drums, cymbals, cymbals, triangle irons, music boards, tambourines, Sand ball, etc.), instrumental music can be divided into solo according to the playing method , ensembles, concertos, and symphonies. Each type of sound has a decent sense of music.

How to accurately listen to the musicality of the system

To listen to the sound of a sound system, it is best to listen to the various vocal and instrumental works mentioned above, but this requires a lot of sound source software, and it takes a long time to listen. So is there a convenient way to listen to the music of the system more accurately? We think it is enough to concentrate on some of the most representative music. According to the author's many years of experimental experience, instrumental music is more sensitive than vocal music in identifying music sense, and it is also scientific and standard: in instrumental music, it is mainly through the sound of two instruments. These two instruments are the violins that are known as musical instruments and the pianos that are known as the king of musical instruments. A well-known, well-recognized, well-recognized violin disc, the violin sound released in a real Hi-End system is simply beautiful, its soft color makes you think of velvet, it The fresh taste reminds you of a freshly peeled, watery fresh lychee that rolls into your mouth. It is bright and not irritating, smooth and not full of fleshy, fleshy and proud, and soft and soft. In the midst of a sudden jump, the extension, sliding, turning, smashing, rubbing, tremor, frustration, chords, and resonance of the piano can all be re-emerged. In the thousands of violin playing skills, any superb The performers have unique personalities that others can't imitate, just as there is a group of beautiful young girls who are beautiful, heart-rending, pure and not eating the fireworks in front of you, standing in front of you, seduce you stunned, straight Swallow, but they are so colorful, every pretty face is different from other people... This is the musical sense of the violin.

The piano's Hi-End music is full of masculine, bodybuilding, elves, agitation, crispy, clear, and thunderous when hitting. The sound can resonate with the entire auditorium; when it's relaxed, it's like a blue wave, no disease, no disease. . The wonderful sound of the piano, of course, makes us face like a white horse prince who is standing and seeing a number of women who are insane. However, only a good piano sound can give people a very elegant beauty. If the quality of the sound system is poor, then listen to the piano taste and chew wax, without any attractive musical appeal.

There is a subtle balance of sound between the violin and the piano. If the sound of the violin is too soft and too greasy, the system often makes some kind of wood-squeaking sound when playing the piano sound. On the contrary, if the piano sound is too crisp and does not have a certain weight texture, then When replaying the violin sound, there will be an unsatisfactory rubbing wire hard sound, which will lose the musical beauty.

A system, if the replay of the violin and the piano has a very good sound, is very musical, then basically speaking, the system will not have a big problem in the music when playing back any music. Of course, you can also put a few symphonies, male and female soloists, as well as "night deep", "bumpy gongs and drums", "ghost drums" and other music films with gongs and drums to supplement the sounds, so that the evaluation of the system's musicality will be even more Objective and comprehensive, WeChat: cnhifi.

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