Aunt Zhang invited me to fight? ! —— CS: GO Value Friendship War

One day, as usual, brushing Aunt Zhang, she suddenly saw the slogan of recruiting posters that were eye-catching. I was thinking that this is what I want to do. I am still a child! Silently reported the name...

In fact, CS:GO I had never played before, just watched some videos, but Zhang Aunt organized activities, or must actively apply for participation, after all, once played cs can be considered semi-professional player -. -! The reasons for the registration were mentioned in the following: "CS has spent a memorable time with me in college, from 16 cafes at 1.0 to dust, to 1.3 boundless eagles, and then to 1.5-1.6 to team up with college buddies. The competition was a very beautiful memory. Later, occasionally boredom was still played on Haofang, but often I went to kill a 10-0 and was kicked as a penalty -.-!......" So, I don’t know if it’s my Face big touched Aunt Zhang...

I was very fortunate to have been selected to participate in the live game, and then I was very excited about playing the game. The result was a little bit... The overall difference is not too great, but there are still many changes in the details, and even the vigilance is very difficult to distinguish clearly. ......The map only looked at the dust2 of Zhang Guotu. Although the layout is basically the same, there are also not a few changes in the layout of the obstacles and the point of wear. But at the time, I didn't think so much about it. I feel that anyway, Lao Tzu was also a typical representative of "having no brains at all." It was just like this, but I didn't expect this to lay a deep fortune on the cockroaches that were later written in the game... ...

Event photo, video review see official post:

Not much to say, September 10, Teacher's Day, um ... good days ... ... came early Guanghua soho, Running Cat physical training center (and the cat is also a bit fate). As a result, the search for the door took a whole circle around, and now, in retrospect, it is simply hinting at something... Later, the “Desolation and Lost City”...

Come to the event site, the arrangement is very happy, with the hand ceremony is also very like (back to the sun). Signed in, changed a uniform:

Hurry to debug the next machine, feel sponsors although the high profile balabala propaganda, but using a notebook to play competitive games is still almost meaning, into the game there will be a feeling of lost frames, headphones and mouse and keyboard are pretty good.

After finishing the machine and eating a fast food meal, I was very happy talking to my teammates from the Green Team. I feel that my teammates are still very reliable!

After lunch, the event officially started. There was a man who said to me that he came to this beauty... but I don’t know...

First, the Red team and the Yellow team came to a side-by-side match. The map used dust2. During a very long period of time, there was a team with only one person. I don't know if it was a network problem or a robot problem. Anyway, 4 dozens of five lost.

The explanation is more sensational:

Everyone also sees it:

Legendary delicious afternoon tea, but I rushed to the next round of the game I did not even eat a ...

This is followed by the game of our Green Team VS Blue Team.

We again commissioned the machine in the game, and the result was that the one I tuned before gave the ZDM team that joined our team thighs, and it happened to me to catch up with the one in the game. The staff came over for a long time to change the machine, tune the network, finally into the game to see ... ... card to see the 1980s made domestic cartoons, the villain one by one ... ... and then find the staff again Adjusted the graphics card, the game configuration is open to the lowest, finally is basically smooth.

Before the game 2ge came to cheer with each of us:

The game is about to begin. When I warm up my guns, I used a map I haven’t seen before. I’m still asking my teammates how this map is. Didn’t I say that I use dust2? The teammates also consoled me that they would change back later. If the result is not finished, then the game is officially announced... This is completely muddled, and the map is completely unknown. It does not even know where the enemy will appear. “I’m completely brainless” and I’m completely brainless. . But fortunately, I can go out and sell! I also have teammates! Wow hahaha ... The game is very ups and downs. It's very clingy, but in the end we rely on our team's four solid thighs. We successfully reversed and won the game! La la la la la la li, still want to see teammates!

After the exhibition games, games, awards, pictures... My first intimate contact with Aunt Zhang ended here.

Don't care about those unexpected details, and slowly progress. Aunt Zhang organizes this event. The process is so long, the number of people is so numerous, and the parties involved are so complicated... It is hard work. The whole is still a great experience, and it will be much more organized in the future! Exhausted blood rubbed himself like ... ... quite you!

Next is the simple scent and companionship. Thanks again to my team's thighs for letting me win the winning prize...

Photo first:

There is also a T-shirt: T-shirt exchange link.

Thor youth backpack. The weight is lighter and the workmanship is not bad.



Side: This is not very thick.

Tag: zipper is good.
The district is reasonable and can be installed more.

HyperX Cloud core gaming headset. Haven't tried yet.

There is a notebook... it's really a notebook~

Aunt Chang’s customized earphone stand was later delivered, so I could also proudly tape it...

Unexpectedly, after opening it, there was tape inside and earned...

Undoubtedly called "work type" headset rack:

Bottom with non-slip mat: workmanship and details are good. The overall feel is good.

The value is in these words:

Stand up and raise your gun to fight...

What kind of experience is there in the home? ! - The picture was made old to continue playing without any sense of guilt. Honestly speaking, when a jewelry stand is also good, you can co-opt female friends and gold coins for change... But now the lucky friend looks like it has already been changed.

Witch Zhang Aunt - Mana is endless.

Well, return to normal state...

The custom version of the headphone stand looks like nobody has sun, so I took a few more shots. There are also just 剁it shopping bags for this gift:

Come here, not good at words, thank Zhang Aunt again for the gift and organize such a good offline activity.

Come to Japan and fight again! GO!GO!GO!

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