Basic introduction of water storage self-cleaning sterilizer

Basic introduction of water storage self-cleaning sterilizer

Introduction: Water storage self-cleaning sterilizer working principle, according to the principle of micro-electrolysis chemical reaction to the water ions, water molecules produce strong oxidizing substances, the water disinfection and sterilization to achieve the purpose of purification.

Water storage self-cleaning sterilizer structure: Micro-electrolyzer, controller, circulation pump, energy transmission cable

Reasons for use of water storage self-cleaning sterilizer: Water in the tank is stagnant when it is left standing for a long time, and it is easy to breed various bacteria and become secondary pollution. For the sake of public water security, secondary pollution needs to be eliminated in time, and the traditional disinfection methods are relatively tedious. The self-cleaning sterilizer for water storage is self-circulating, adding strong oxidizing substances to achieve disinfection and disinfection of water bodies.

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