Will there be future thin TVs? How do you know?

Some memories of the TV with a big ass, some physically plump, always with light weight does not matter. Today's TVs are getting thinner and thinner, and there seems to be no market. Relevant statistics show that ultra-thin television has become one of the most important factors for users to select TVs: With modern living spaces becoming increasingly narrow, it is true that only ultra-thin TVs that do not occupy space have the opportunity to become protagonists in the living room. .

Slim TVs are everywhere, but when we choose ultra-thin TVs, there are also many problems: Some TV sets are really thin, but they are poorly crafted and have no texture; some textures are good, they are not thin enough, and even the concept of stealing is used to deceive consumers. By. Therefore, as an ordinary user, it is really difficult to select a quality ultra-thin TV.

How do you know about the choices of so many ultra-thin TVs? Today, we will come to recommend several ultra-thin TVs for you, which may give you some insight.

Cool open 50A2

Cool open 50A2 TV using the ultimate 9.9mm slim design, with the thickness of the phone. This slim design is also very easy to impress women at home and become the first choice for girls. This TV is currently priced at 3499 yuan in Jingdong, and friends in need can look at it.
Cool open 50A2

Cool open 50A2 uses a metal body design, backplane lines picturesque, stylish and rebellious metal front face also shows a unique tone, so you can hardly forget at a glance.

Cool open 50A2 details

In order to effectively prevent moisture, dust, and square deformation, Coocaa 50A2 is particularly covered with a layer of cloth behind the front face of metal, which can effectively prevent dust from entering and can block moisture vapor, thus prolonging the service life of the TV.

Cool open 50A2 border details

The perforation of the metal front face used in this Coocaa 50A2 is not only beneficial to TV cooling, but also reinforces the bottom and makes the TV less susceptible to deformation. The cool-open 50A2 JBL audio is also hidden here.

Cool open 50A2 base details

Edit Comment: This cool open 50A2 body design is not only thin, but extremely thin; not only the ultimate thin, but thin tone, it is easy to become the protagonist of the home, to move every one to see it.

[Product Model] Cool open 50A2

[Reference price] 3499 yuan

[Business Information] Jingdong Mall

LeTV Super TV X3-50

LeTV Super TV X3-50 is an ultra-thin TV designed with an ultra-narrow frame design to make the TV look more airy. This TV is currently priced at 2,899 yuan, the need for a small partner can see.

LeTV Super TV X3-50

LeTV Super TV X3-50 adopts the technology of seamless folding and forming of the frame. The one-piece metal frame shows the beauty of technology and technology, and makes the TV full of mysterious beauty.

In order to ensure the quality, LeTV Super TV X3-50 uses aerospace aluminum to create a frame. The sandblasted anode technology creates the same appearance and texture as the iphone. The texture is amazing.

LeTV Super TV X3-50 frame details

The sandblasted anode technology adopted by LeTV Super TV X3-50 is a unique coloring technology. The products made by this technology are more wear-resistant, have higher hardness and better corrosion resistance. Anodizing has high requirements for aluminum alloy materials, so LeTV Super TV X3-50 uses anode technology with aviation aluminum materials, which is also considered in this regard.

LeTV Super TV X3-50 Detail

Edit Comment: LeTV Super TV X3-50 is not only a TV that is free to watch video, but also a reliable ultra-thin TV. The appearance of this TV is not only reflected in the thin, but also has a thin quality. , style, is a good choice for users.

[Product Model] LeTV Super TV X3-50

[Reference price] 2899 yuan

[Business Information] Jingdong Mall

Little Whale TV W50J

Micro Whale TV W50J is an Internet TV, this machine uses 9,. 1mm ultra-thin metal body saves space for users. At present, this TV is priced at 1,899 yuan, and a friend in need can look at it.

Little Whale TV W50J

Micro Whale TV W50J special ultra-thin body design, the thinnest only 9.1mm, thin people never forget. In order to ensure quality, the frame material of the Micro Whale TV W50J is specially made of 7000 series aluminum alloy, which has a very high strength and makes the slim and lightweight body firm and flat.

Micro Whale TV W50J appearance craft everywhere highlights ingenuity. More than 20,000 rpm high-speed diamond grinding technology lets the metal shine with diamonds. Frosted and anodized processes create a superior texture for the frame.

Little Whale TV W50J detail

This small whale TV W50J uses a specially designed space gray color, which is different from the ordinary black of a TV. It makes the TV more fashionable and elegant, and the hand-polished base is also exquisite.

Little Whale TV W50J detail

Edit Comment: Slim TV is not new, thin texture is the pursuit of more users. The ultra-thin craftsmanship used on this Whale TV W50J and the tall space ash color can be said to be very attractive.

[Product Model] Micro Whale TV W50J

[Reference price] 1899 yuan

[Business Information] Jingdong Mall

Skyworth 50V6E

Skyworth 50V6E is a 4K new TV with metal frame design and high quality. This product is currently priced at 2799 yuan, a friend in need can look at.

Skyworth 50V6E

Skyworth 50V6E uses a brand new metal splicing process design, after 48 processes, through 1000 repeated grinding, splicing only 0.01 millimeter error, the metal's high-end texture and modern technology craftsmanship fusion, to bring new visual enjoyment for users.

Skyworth 50V6E border details

The metal frame design adopted by Skyworth 50V6E is inherently stable and can protect the safety of the aircraft. Good thermal conductivity also greatly enhances heat dissipation efficiency and effectively protects the TV's circuitry to extend the life of the TV.

This Skyworth 50V6E TV also uses the popular ultra-thin design. The ultra-thin body + ultra-narrow frame design allows users to be refreshed and become a popular trend.

Skyworth 50V6E scene diagram

Edit Comment: How does a TV picture quality need to be opened to see how smart applications need to be used to know, but the appearance geometry we can appreciate intuitively. A well-designed ultra-thin TV can make people feel good about life, this Skyworth 50V6E is such a product.

[Product Model] Skyworth 50V6E

[Reference price] 2799 yuan

[Business Information] Jingdong Mall

Hisense LED50EC660US

Hisense LED50EC660US is a bright 4K smart TV, the machine uses a slim body design, the current price of 3499 yuan, the need for users can look at.

Hisense LED50EC660US

Hisense LED50EC660US re-conceived the design and technology of the entire TV line, so that the TV can perfectly realize the real ultra-thin technology.

This Hisense LED50EC660US to create a simple and lightweight body, in particular ELED backlight technology, redesigned each interface and infrastructure, not only makes the TV more pleasing, but also brings a more comfortable operating experience.

Hisense LED50EC660US body details

Hisense LED50EC660US uses a metal texture of the narrow edge design, with a simple base, to achieve a sturdy and elegant balance, smart breathing light design to become the finishing touch of the entire TV, to present a new look for the user's visual space.

Hisense LED50EC660US frame details

Editor Comments: Hisense LED50EC660US backplane design is also ten separate, not only the use of engineering design, better visual effects, while the thermal conductivity of the backplane metal allows TV to be more smooth cooling, in addition to the backplane process innovations in the material We have also made the ultimate interactive experience of updating and bringing new textures and tactile sensations.

[Product Model] Hisense LED50EC660US

[Reference price] 3699 yuan

[Business Information] Jingdong Mall

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