Nordic light luxury style, new in mind to remember: Withings Activité Steel smart watch simple to use


When it comes to Nokia, the first thing people think of is a very popular mobile phone series. Now that this mobile empire has already been overthrown, the only feelings and memories left are the promise and the hope of return.

Pressed mobile phone is not a table, as thin dead camel, Nokia has also been involved in other areas of intelligence, in April this year, Nokia announced to spend 170 million euros (about 191 million US dollars) to acquire French sports company Withings, followed by Nokia high-tech CEO Ramzi Haidamus said that Nokia officially returned to the consumer market.

Withings is committed to creating a wide range of smart home products and wearables, such as networked scales, high-tech thermometers, and the Activité Smart Watch series.

There are 3 series of Withings Activité smart watches: Pop series (casual), Steel series (stainless steel chrome) and sapphire series (sapphire leather)

(1) Pop series (leisure funds)

Pop series adopts PVD-coated case and silky soft silicone wristband. There are 4 kinds of color matching.

(2) Steel series (stainless steel chrome plate)

Steel series uses 316L stainless steel case, chrome plated hands and double curved surface mirrors, a total of black and white light color, the author is a black surface

(3) Sapphire Series (Sapphire Leather)

The sapphire series is the flagship model of the Withings smart watch, designed in France and made in Switzerland.

(4)Steel HR Series

This article was written in half, discovered the Withings update series, added a new series of Steel HR smart watches, from the point of view is to add a display and heart rate detector based on the Withings Activité smart watch, while the battery is replaced with a charge The battery life (from the 8 months dropped sharply to 45 days), the key is the price is 60 yuan cheaper than Steel!

However, it feels like the Steel HR series contrasts the old Withings Activité watch and destroys the beauty. In order to smartly sacrifice the appearance, it is a bit regrettable!

First, the appearance of articles


From the front, the Withings Activité Steel smart watch is dominated by black, and the dial's edge is a circle of silver chrome-plated stainless steel.

1 There are two dials on the dial, the main dial shows the time, the center has two pointers: the length of the silver pointer represents the minute hand and the hour hand respectively. Market without digital ID

2 The small dial on the lower right represents the amount of exercise. There is also a white pointer above to indicate the movement. The small dial is made up of 10 large scales and 100 small scales representing 10% and 1% of the amount of exercise respectively. The current time is indicated. For 21:48, the amount of exercise is 11%. According to the author's daily preset measurement, you can know that the current walk is about 1100 steps.

From the point of view of the hands, the Withings Activité Steel smart watch is incompetent because of the absence of a second hand, and in terms of precise seconds. The movement pointer automatically resets to 0% when the exercise amount exceeds 100% or the time exceeds the early morning.

2. Side

From the side, the combination of the metal side of the Withings Activité Steel wristwatch and the glass is beveled, with a nice transitional arc.

In terms of thickness, it is almost the same as a normal quartz watch. The curved surface of the glass surface has a good touch, but it is easy to print with fingerprints, affecting the appearance.

3. On the back

From the side, the back of the Withings Activité Steel smart watch is covered with a transparent protective film.

On the back of the watch, there are brand information such as trademarks, materials, and serial numbers.

The slope of the back is too large, only 2/3 of the area fits on the wrist

4. Watch strap

From the strap, the Withings Activité Steel smart watch strap has a total of nine holes, enough to meet the needs of different wrist sizes. On the buckle side of the strap, there are two rings for fixing the strap, one fixed and the other slidable.

The outer surface of the band is relatively smooth, and the inner surface is designed with a bumpy texture that increases friction.

The material of the strap is soft and has a certain degree of ductility, and the user can grasp the scale by himself.

5. Getting started

(1) Positive

(2) Bevel

(3) Side

(4) Wristbands

Second, App function articles

Withings Activité Steel's matching app is Health Mate. App download channels correspond to the Apple Store (App Store) and Google Play (Google Play). However, China’s national conditions determine that it is not over the wall. Do not use Google. Therefore, we had to search through the domestic App Store. There was no way out there. The pea pods just happened to have the Chinese version of Health Mate.

1. The main interface

Health Mate mainly covers four major areas: exercise, weight, sleep, and heart rate. The main interface is composed of three parts. The upper color template is used to display the alarm clock, the number of steps, weight, food calories (left and right slide switch)

2 parameter add interface

Below the main interface of Health Mate is the notification center, and the “+” on the right is where the user enters data. You can add weight, exercise, blood pressure, heart rate, food. The operating principle of the Health Mate added heart rate is that when the software is opened, the flash of the mobile phone is automatically turned on. When the user puts his finger on the camera, the subcutaneous blood vessels of the fingertip are pressed by the blood and the brightness of the finger irradiated by the light source ( The depth of red will change slightly. This process can be captured with the photosensitive element. This capillary pulsation can be reflected by the periodic changes in the brightness of the picture.

3. Add sports

Health Mate Adding Sports is an updated function added to the latest version of the App. It covers many aspects and can supplement exercise time and exercise.


Health Mate needs to be bound to MyFitnessPal to add food. After entering the food, it will automatically generate calories to warn the user of healthy food intake. Based on the daily food involved, MyFitnessPal can provide users with effective diet management.

5. Results display interface

Health Mate's results show that there are two main areas: exercise and sleep, measured from days and weeks, and intuitively presenting users with recent exercise and sleep patterns in the form of bar charts.

In the settings panel, there is also a location called "dashboard", which allows you to see a lot of data at once, which is very convenient.

Third, the summary

1. Summary of advantages and disadvantages

(1) Benefits of Withings Activité Steel Smart Watch

1 outstanding appearance, simple and stylish;

2 additional sports dials and hands, at a glance;

3Health Mate is rich in functions, covering sports, weight, blood pressure, heart rate, food and other data records;

48 months long battery life, reducing the complexity of user charging;

5 easy to remove the strap for easy replacement and upgrade.

(2) The disadvantages of Withings Activité Steel smart watch

There are many problems with the 1APP Han Chinese, and the Chinese and English are often confused.

2 The connection between watch and APP is slow;

3 The second hand was not designed to use the watch for precise timing;

4The UI of the APP and the results are too complex to increase the difficulty of learning.

5Sweat wear in summer, breathable effect in general.

2. Suggestions for improvement

(1) Improve the pedometer algorithm to further enhance the accuracy of pedometer;

(2) Re-applied the APP and solved the mix of Chinese and English styles;

(3) Consider adding a second hand to meet the basic needs of users;

(4) Improve the typographic layout of the APP so that novices can get started quickly.

3. Purchase suggestion

(1) The appearance and function of the Withing watch is mainly targeted at young people who love sports;

(2) Its main function is pedometer and display time, together with App can integrate a set of relatively complex motion information;

(3) If you are a consumer with a strong value for money and can accept a light luxury and want to bring some sports recording function but are lazy to charge, Withings smart watch may be one of the best choices.


The Withings Activité Steel smart watch, which is represented by light intelligence, combines aesthetics and intelligence, taking into consideration the appearance and practicality, and can be described as a must-have for travel packages at home.

With this watch, I feel that I am full of energy. I believe that in the near future, I will return to the ranks of thin people. Share the potential into real estate and embark on the pinnacle of life.

This assessment is over. We will see you again in the next issue.


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