Philips releases the first OLED TV I will shine on both sides

Recently, Philips officially launched a new television 901F, 901F is not only Philips's first OLED screen TV, also joined Philips's "light stunt".

The Philips 901F features a wide-range, 55-inch OLED panel and Perfect Pixel Ultra HD engine, which can reveal deeper details in the shadows and a wider color gamut. The Philips 901F also features smart color processing, Perfect Natural motion optimization, and HDR Perfect. Most of these technologies have been implemented on OLED screens.

In addition to the OLED screen, the Philips 901F added a scene lighting feature. The back light of the TV is integrated with a scene light source, which can provide different color TV walls according to the specific TV scene. Can bring a good visual experience to television viewing.

Finally, Philips said that it is striving to get the 901F officially listed at the end of this year, but the company has not revealed the price of this product yet.

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