Big Brother VR VS PSVR: 16 games, the former free of money!

PS VR official launch date is near, from the market sound point of view, Sony even if the last sale in the "big three factories", did not affect its position in the hearts of fans. In both price and game content, the game is obviously more attractive.

At this year's E3 2016 conference, Sony announced that there will be more than 50 games to be sold along with the equipment. Interestingly, 16 highly similar games have been released in China, of which 12 games can be downloaded for free on the Big Brother VR machine. Experience. Here's an inventory of everyone, these games will be charged in the PS VR experience.

1. "Eagle Flight" eagle (PS VR) vs "Reveries: Dream Flight" (Big VR machine)

"Eagle Flight" was developed by Fun House, a team of Ubisoft Montreal studios, and it allows players to fly into the sky of an eagle 50 years after the extinction of humanity in the sky of Paris. It also has a bird's eye view of famous landmarks, natural landscapes and wildlife. Then return to the Paris city again. There is innovation in gameplay. The eagle's perspective is also unique.

"Reveries: Dream Flight" is also a flying game where the players are incarnations of the birds flying in a heavenly place. Its highlight is the quality of music in Beijing is very good, and the immersive sense of audio and video seems to make people really indulge in Wonderland. in. At present, there are a total of 9 levels. In addition, this game has a score of 4.1 on the Gear VR. The results are good. Currently, the game is available for free on the Big Brother VR.

2. "Harmonix Music VR" (PS VR) vs "Music Rubik's Cube"

The game "Harmonix Music VR" is very interesting. The player's environment will be changed according to the music. The game has 17 built-in songs. You can also experience the songs through USB. In addition, the game also has a setting called "Easy Holder" where players can create their own ways of reacting to music.

"Music Rubik's Cube" is similar to the rhythm master's gameplay. When a player plays a disc or points to a specified square according to music beats in a concert hall, special effects occur. The fun of this game lies in the control of the rhythm of the music, and the more skilled the game is. The greater the pleasure of the operation will be!

3 "Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes" (PS VR) VS "Dreaming 1-3" (Da Peng VR machine)

"Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes" is a multiplayer virtual reality game in which a player wears a head-mounted device and finds himself in a room with a randomly generated time bomb. Other players play "experts." They have a generic bomb disposal manual on hand, and then both sides need to keep talking to communicate so that the bomb can be successfully removed.

"Break the Dreamer 1-3" is the first game of the Big Brother VR machine. With "Pirates of the Dream Space" as the prototype of the secret room puzzle game, every clue in the room will be the key to solving your puzzle. Currently, there are three levels of thief, Holmes, and Macau casino. If players can't solve the puzzle within the prescribed time, they will be blown up and have a good reputation among the players.

4. "RIGS: Mechanised Combat League" (PS VR) vs "Blood Guard Island" (Big VR)

The background of the RIGS: Mechanised Combat League is set in 2065. The world is full of arenas. RIGS is a popular sport in the future. Players need to drive a giant mech named RIGS and play against the world's opponents. It sounds cool.

The background to the story of the Bloodguard Island is set on a tropical island in the South, with heavy armor and cannons. Players use the first-person view to drive the aircraft to land on the island, and the weapons are relatively rich. Machine guns, anti-tank rockets, and even laser lasers have a fast pace and full shooting pleasure.

5. "Summer Lesson" (PS VR) VS "Sister Diary" (Da Peng VR machine)

"Summer Lesson" is a game developed by Tekken Team, an "Iron Fist" production team, which interacts with a schoolgirl at home. The biggest feature of the game is that players can use VR virtual reality equipment to allow players to integrate themselves into the game. A lively and lovely student girl is living in the same room. The girl can sense the player's presence and react to the player's eyes and gestures.

"Sister Diary" is a VR game developed specifically for the mobile end of love to develop the theme of VR games, simple and simple, just point or shake his head. In terms of game scenes, the use of real-world 360-degree panoramic photos combined with virtual scenes, on the one hand, is a performance improvement, on the one hand closer to the reality, increasing the player's immersion and substitution in the game. The team also specifically recruited female domestic players to participate in the design of the story, but also focused on strengthening the expression of the virtual character. Each character in the game will change their expressions as the player chooses different conversations and events. Players can even see their reactions to events such as happy smiles, hateful frowns, shyness on their faces. Lower your head and bite your lips, etc. If you are very good at micro-expressions, then congratulations on chasing you is a breeze for you!

6. "Until Dawn: Rush of Blood" (PS VR) vs "The Zombie Fortress" (Da Peng VR)

The game "Until Dawn: Rush of Blood" is about a character from the world of "Before Dawn" falling into madness. The protagonist will encounter various zombies in a dark and obstructed environment. "Until dawn: The bloody cymbals" It was carried out on the track of a roller coaster. There will be a series of successive checkpoints, so that there will be different faces of zombies.

"The Zombie Fortress" is about the secret team exploring a terrorist base. When members arrive, they all disappear. As the main character, you take the Alpha team to investigate. Open the door and see that there are indeed endless zombies. Then, it's just that!

7. "Super stardust ultra vr" (PS VR) vs "Supernova fighter" (Dafen VR)

"Super stardust ultra vr" was developed by Sony XDev European Research Institute and will launch a new game mode, which is a third-person shooter game. In the game, you need to drive an aircraft to fly around a series of asteroids, collecting hoops by destroying enemies and rocks.

"Supernova Fighter" is a space VR game. You use a third-person view to drive the future spacecraft to fight in the universe. Not only do you have enemy planes and meteorite flying, you can avoid them and you can destroy them. If you have time, you can also Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the universe.

8. "Ace banana" (PS VR) vs "Wild Jungle" (Da Peng VR)

"Ace banana" is an archery game developed by the domestic game manufacturer TVR. Its content is to protect the companions, surround the bananas, and drive out the monkeys who pick up and steal the banana as a selection game. This game is entirely comfortable, suitable for home entertainment, family relationships, parent-child relationship, and this game selection also has its own novel perspective and unique perspective on VR games.

"Wild Jungle" is a VR shooter game developed based on the Unity3D engine. The scene is a wild jungle full of tropical style. Players can use bows and arrows to shoot the falling fruits from the sky to increase their score, but there are a few monkeys who will harass you from time to time. Of course, all you have to do is drive them away. As above, it is a game against the monkeys. It is generally more relaxed and casual.

9. "Weeping Doll" (PS VR) vs "Pupil" (Da Peng VR)

"Weeping Doll" is a horror adventure game developed by the domestic old game manufacturer Tianshe Culture. The player will face a horror doll that will "live" at any time.

"Pupil" is a horror VR game developed by the soul of the Hangzhou soul. It is called by the user of one machine as a "high-risk game for throwing helmets." If you once watched horror, you could hide in bed when you were scared. If you are scared by watching VR in horror, you can't help throwing a helmet!

10. "Rollercoaster Dreams" (PS VR) vs "Roller Coaster" (Big Brother VR)

"Rollercoaster Dreams" is a classic roller coaster experience game in the vr game, enter the start lever on the right side of the game controller to open the roller coaster. You ride a roller coaster adventure on a tropical island with ancient architectural relics and experience the powerful visual stimulation of virtual reality technology!

"Roller Coaster" is unique in that it not only allows you to feel the thrill of diving, but also uses a needle to poke a huge balloon and reach a certain score to unlock the next level. Based on the playground game, it increases the competitive pleasure. More fun.

11. "The Brookhaven Experiment" (PS VR) vs "Zombie Hunter" (Dafen VR)

"The Brookhaven Experiment" is a horror shooting VR game. The player will hold a flashlight and a pistol and fight against a wave of zombies on his own, experiencing the immersive desperation.

"Zombie Hunter" is a first-person shooter VR game that has been launched on the Big Brother VR One-Purpose App Store. The experiencer uses the Big Brother VR machine to perform operations such as shooting through touch operations, and completes resource collection, construction training, and battles in the game.

12. "DriveClub" (PS VR) vs "carclub" (Big Brother VR)

"DriveClub VR" uses PSVR to experience an unprecedented madness through the cockpit perspective, with 3D surround sound brings unparalleled telepresence, while the game has a mode of appreciation, can use a variety of perspectives to appreciate all kinds of rapid machines, it is worth It is mentioned that compared to the previous work in 2014, this game also added a new street for the players to run.

The operation of "CAR CLUB VR" is not complicated. In the all-in-one machine, you need to change the direction of gravity sensor of helmet equipment. This game has "car modification" elements, so the models in the game are very rich, and the modifications are more magical. You will get currency during the race. These currencies can be used to buy new cars. After all, the essence of this kind of game is to make players feel the suffocating sense of speed and the sense of accomplishment of a famous car.

Most of these have already been put on the Big VR all-in-one application store, and they can all be downloaded for free. Compared to the PS VR that was sold on October 13th, games with scores ranging from tens to hundreds of dollars are actually benefits. At present, there is no qualitative gap between the contents of VR games, and the general experience is short. If paid for, the cost of experience is higher, which is worth considering.


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