Yining, Xinjiang: 5,000 new LED street lights

The reporter learned from the Street Light Management Office of the Municipal Facilities Management Office of Yining City, Xinjiang. In 2014, there were more than 5,000 new LED street lights in Yining City, including 2000 in the back street.

Ainiwar, director of the Street Light Management Office of the Municipal Facilities Management Office of Yining City, told reporters that some of the main streets and some roadways in Xinhua West Road and Huaguoshan had no street lights, which caused inconvenience to residents. In 2014, they added more than 5,000 street lights to these streets and lanes in order to increase the number of street lights every 40 meters and 50 meters. Among them, since June 2014, the street lighting renovation project has been implemented for some road sections. Up to now, more than 2,000 old street lamps (incandescent lamps) have been converted into LED street lamps.

"Since June this year, we have converted some old street lamps of some back streets and some main roads of Shengli Road, Jiangsu Road, Yilihe Road, Stalin Road and other roads into LED street lights." Ai Nival said that the urban part The street lamp in the roadway has a long period of time, the line is aging, and the failure often causes the lighting to fail. Replacing into an LED street light can improve the light intensity in the alley, and the LED street lamp has a long life and is not easily damaged.

According to reports, these sections of streetlights have been using incandescent lamps, the lamp power is between 150W and 250W, and the new LED streetlights are between 100W and 150W. After the renovation of the streetlights, not only can energy saving, but also the brightness is much higher than before.

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