Behind the Dispute of Spreadtrum Datang is the capital game of the chip market

On March 12th, Spreadtrum Communications was sued by Datang Mobile for the matter of “not paying the license fee according to the agreement”. The dispute between the two parties has entered the judicial process. One is the well-known supplier of 2G and 3G (TD) wireless communication terminal chips, and the other is the most important contributor to China's TD standard and industrial development.

It is understood that the people behind the situation told Tencent Technology, this matter will be traced back to 2002. As we all know, Datang Mobile is the earliest proponent of TD, and it is also a developer of core technologies and a promoter of industrialization. In order to promote the commercialization of TD, in this year, Datang, Nanfang High-tech, Huali, Huawei, Eight well-known telecommunications companies such as Lenovo, ZTE, China Telecom, and China Putian initiated the establishment of the TD-SCDMA industry alliance. In the second year, six companies including Spreadtrum Communications have joined the camp.

The purpose of the TD alliance is to conduct industry coordination, supervision and management around TD-SCDMA, promote the sharing of resources among enterprises, complement each other and mutual benefit, accelerate the process of industrial development, and optimize the industrial rejuvenation strategy. Therefore, the members of the alliance are involved in resources. It is shareable.

Among the members, Datang Mobile and Spreadtrum Communications have inextricably cooperated with each other. This includes cooperation between Spreadtrum's TD chip and Datang Mobile's TD protocol stack software technology. This license fee is for Spreadtrum’s use of TD’s software technology in the development of TD chips. The source also revealed that in 2004, Spreadtrum Communications and Datang Mobile were cooperating in this regard in preparation for the signing of the agreement, but due to the high fees charged by Datang Mobile, Spreadtrum Communications was unable to accept it, and it was allegedly worth more than 10 million yuan. No more. In 2005, Chongyang C&T Co., Ltd. and Spreadtrum Communications Co., Ltd. signed an agreement, and both parties will jointly develop TD-SCDMA terminal solutions.

The cooperation was based on the baseband processing chip developed by Spreadtrum and using the protocol stack processing and control software developed by CYIT. An old employee of Spreadtrum confirmed to Tencent Technology that since then, Spreadtrum’s software technology in TD chip has not been used by Datang Mobile. If this is true, then Spreadtrum’s “not paying the license fee according to the agreement” is also said. Do not break it.

It is understood that at the end of 2011, Datang Mobile filed an arbitration application for the dispute and submitted an application to Beijing No. 2 Intermediate People's Court requesting Spreadtrum to pay for the license fee. Since then, Spreadtrum Communications has applied to the court for confirmation that the parties' arbitration agreement is invalid. Recently, Beijing No. 2 Intermediate People's Court ruled that the application for Spreadtrum Communications was rejected, but it took time before the final decision was taken.

The insiders of Spreadtrum Communications expressed their position on Tencent Technology. They only waited for the final judicial process. If there is a need for announcement, Spreadtrum will make an announcement at the first time. Last year, the level of TD chip technology has been continuously improved. 65nm and 40nm chips have entered commercial use. In the third quarter of this year, Spreadtrum, Marvell, MediaTek and other chip makers all produced beautiful transcripts. Gradually escaping from the difficult situation in the start-up period, the development of TD chips has entered a mature stage so far, and as many as 7 chip companies have participated in it, and the level of competition has suddenly increased.

In terms of cost, the current cost difference between TD handsets and GSM handsets has dropped to less than US$2, and Spreadtrum’s TD smartphone solution has already controlled handset costs at around US$60, and its market price may be only RMB 700. Data shows that in the first half of last year, Spreadtrum had occupied 56% of the market share of the entire TD chip.

In addition, MediaTek acquired 20 million U.S. dollars in acquisition of Pride, and obtained core technologies including the protocol stack in the TD baseband chip field. Chip giant Qualcomm’s tentacles have also entered the TD space, according to Qualcomm executives, the company will launch its own TD baseband chips in the first half of this year. The TD strategic plan will be divided into WCDMA + TD dual mode and TD-LTE chip compatible TD mode. Industry analysts pointed out that Datang also has its own TD chip company. Faced with such a large number of competitors, the market pattern of the chip is bound to reshuffle, and as the TD's first proponent, Datang Mobile is bound to take certain Measures to restore the TD market share.

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