Research and Analysis on the Development of Power Cable Laying Technology

Recently, Zhejiang Xinhai Ship Design and Research Institute and Zhejiang Kailing Shipyard achieved new breakthroughs in the design and construction technology of large-diameter multi-function power cable laying vessels, which effectively solved the technical bottleneck that buried cables could not be laid in the past, and buried electricity. The cable diameter can reach 20 centimeters, a number of technologies are domestic first. At the same time, this technology research has been included in the major science and technology projects of the Provincial Science and Technology Department and has passed the mid-term inspection.

Since the launch of the project, the study has completed the study of the general arrangement of cable layouts and hull structures, the research on the power system of cable-laying vessels, the research of submarine cable operation equipment and the design of cable-mooring vessels, the finite element analysis and study of the hull strength structure, and dynamic positioning. The research on the design and application of the power tracking system on medium-sized cable-laying ships and the study of production cost control technologies have completed the construction of the first-generation ship.

The first ship “Zhoudian 7” is the first marine cable laying ship with comprehensive construction capacity and advanced equipment in China. It is equipped with a marine cable laying, full salvage, and burial. The ship is 75 meters long, 3.5 meters draught, and 2989.3 tons of full-load drainage. It is equipped with advanced dynamic positioning system, side thrust system, power back-twist system and buried system. The diameter of buried cables can reach 20 cm, the maximum depth of burial is 3 meters, the deviation of cable laying is no more than 2 meters, and the length of cable laying is up to 30 kilometers. Many indicators have reached the leading position in China.


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