Decimal counting, latching, decoding, display driver ZC254 application

CMOS ZC254 circuit is a "four-in-one" circuit with decimal counting function, output latching function, BCD to seven-segment decoding function and display driving function. It can directly drive high and low fluorescing.

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ZC254 pin outer lead arrangement and function circuit diagram

Freestanding Gas Cookers

Enjoy the control and convenience of gas cooking with Freestanding Gas Cookers, featuring four gas burners and 4 brass burner cap to help you create delicious meals for your family and friends.

Key Features
Fuelled by natural gas, Freestanding Cooker is economical and delivers delicious results, letting you enjoy tender, moist roasts with lower running costs.
The spacious cooktop features a triple ring burner for fast, efficient heating, and flame failure protection to cut off the gas flow if the flame is extinguished.
The gas oven offers a range of cooking functions, including electric grill, static gas, and fan assisted gas for even heat distribution.
Crafted with low porosity titanium enamel and a removable glass door, the Cooker is easy to clean.
With a 10 AMP plug already fitted to the Cooker, installation to a standard power outlet is simple and easy.

Black color body             
Glass top
Stainless Working Top                             
4 Gas Burners with 4 brass burner cap             
(1 large 2 medium 1 small)
Manual Ignition                                       
Enamel  Grill                                       
Knobs with Base                                     
Double Glass Oven Door    (mirror)                    
Downside Oven Burner                          
1 Pcs Oven Grill                                  
Aluminum Handle                       
Duck feet
Oven Size:60L                                      
Product Size:50X50X81cm

Freestanding Gas Cookers

Freestanding Gas Cookers

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