More than 15,000 energy-saving lamps in the Jingsha Expressway in Zhengzhou began lighting work

On April 22nd, the 13.6km Jingsha Fast Track Project in Zhengzhou City completed the commissioning of the entire lighting fixtures, and more than 15,000 various energy-saving lamps began lighting work.

It is understood that the total length of the project is 13.6 kilometers, divided into two parts: the northern section (construction road - North Third Ring Road) and the southern section (Building Road - South Third Ring Road). The northern section is an elevated part, and the road lighting is designed as: ground lighting, main line bridge lighting, and ramp lighting. The southern section is mainly designed for ground lighting and tunnel lighting.

Among them, all the Jingguang South Road Tunnel adopts LED lamps; the interchange and the upper and lower ramps adopt low-light guardrail LED lights; the main line road lighting on the viaduct adopts 250W~400W high-pressure sodium lamps; the ground adopts single light and flood light combination, the lamps A truncated 600W high-pass high-pressure sodium lamp is used. The overall illumination of the luminaire has reached the design requirements. The northern section of the interchange and the ramp use LED multi-function guardrail lights, and there are 7 kinds of color changes.

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