The first penalty for the light damage rule in Taipei

In order to solve the problem of urban light pollution, the Taipei City Council yesterday (27) passed the first draft of the “Light and Danger Management Autonomy Regulations” in Taiwan, which stipulated that if advertising billboards, building reflections, and other light sources are too bright, they will require deadlines to be improved. The period has not yet improved, and it may be punished by 5,000 yuan (New Taiwan dollar, the same below) or more than 50,000 yuan for the installation of light-damaging facilities, owners, users, etc. Those that have not been improved repeatedly may be removed if necessary.

The Northern City Environmental Protection Bureau stated that after the draft is passed to the city council, experts and scholars will be invited to discuss and set standards, and they will start the road in the middle of next year.

Taiwan’s “Environmental Protection Bureau of the Executive Yuan” has also taken actions. In the draft “Environmental Cleanness and Greening Promotion Law,” requirements for digital advertising signs, video walls, electronic bulletin boards, etc., shall not affect the lives of nearby people. The maximum penalty is 6,000 yuan. The penalty will be improved until it can be improved. If necessary, it can be forcibly removed.

Yang Qingxi, Executive Secretary of the “Environmental Protection Agency” Cleanliness Program Office pointed out that the draft has been submitted to the “Executive Yuan” for review and will be submitted to Taiwan’s “Legislative Yuan” for deliberation this year.

The Northern City Environmental Protection Bureau pointed out that the number of light damage cases has increased year by year in the past six years, with a total of 92, mainly advertising signs. Four years ago, the LED video wall of the Dome caused 24 hours of dynamic advertisements, which caused the residents of the opposite side to protest and not sleep. Three years ago, the white roof of the Taipei track and field stadium was reflected by the sun. Households across the building had to pull up the curtains all day long.

In addition, there are large video walls at various crossroads in Taipei City, such as Heping East Road and Roosevelt Road, Keelung Road, and Xinyi Road, etc. Occasionally, they also receive reports from nearby residents.

Wu Shengzhong, the director of the Environmental Protection Agency, said that in the past, “no law” was available, and inspectors could only persuade. Although most of the industry will improve, such as the small dome down the brightness of the TV wall, but there is no uniform standard. After the “Light and Death Management Autonomy Regulations” passed, the light harm control standards were divided into three items, which were the illuminance, luminance, and visible light reflectance of the light source.

Wu Shengzhong stated that if the local government and the Central Government have laws, they can discuss them on a case-by-case basis. If it is a case that meets the "Central" decree, it will be given priority by the "Central" decree.

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