How LED lighting companies break the borders of O2O

How LED lighting companies break the borders of O2O

In 2014, the LED lighting industry made a lot of money in e-commerce channels. However, sales of Tmall, Jingdong, and Taobao are not the ultimate goal for LED companies. Many LED companies have begun to plan O2O platforms that belong to lighting fixtures. However, O2O Is the model so easy? How do LED companies face various challenges?

Past experience guide for the future. Just as the e-commerce companies that once vowed to swept everything, and finally only good enough to receive, does the O2O model also have its boundaries and restrictions?

The infinite amplification of the energy of mature things is as deadly as the neglect and scorn of new things. Although O2O is still only a baby infant, but Yu Wei of the e-commerce business, after the media's stir-fried and hot discussion, like a real emperor to ascend the base of the posture. There is no real universal key, only universal locksmiths, people who do not recognize the boundaries of the model, and who say nothing about O2O, do not rely on western medicine’s empirical theory and demonstrate Chinese experience and meditation. Spectrum. The crossover of positive science leads to the conclusion that naturally this is not enough. It is not right either. I once heard a friend criticize that you used the standard of ducks to transform the chickens, and then let the chickens swim in the river with the ducks. Is there any chance of the chickens winning?

If there is a boundary in the O2O model, where is the boundary? What are the restrictions?

First of all, the core of O2O lies in the separation of payment and transaction. The greatest advantage of this model is that it not only uses the fast payment method of electronic money, but also resolves the worries of consumers in terms of reputation endorsement. Therefore, for products and services that cannot be separated from payment and transactions, it is naturally beyond the control of such products as investment and wealth management products. This kind of professional B2C sales has either brand endorsements or professional ports to complete rapid online transactions for retail investors; The next-to-one professional financial advisors carry out the services and transactions of key customers. The separation of O2O payments and transactions is obviously a superfluous one.

Second, e-commerce, including the decline in the cost of building O2O stores and even demise, in fact, to some extent, transferred. In the Internet era, a terminal was built at each consumer's home. The carrier of this terminal was changed from a physical store to a computer or a smart phone. In the past, it was the channel provider or the manufacturer who assumed the cost of building a store. Now it has become a must for consumers. Purchase (spend) this carrier.

The transfer of O2O promotion and payment costs has brought another change: In the past, the seller wanted to expand the area where consumers, as long as the seller has the will and ability, through the way to build a shop can build a platform to meet with consumers; but e-commerce , including the O2O model, if the buyer does not or does not want to hold a computer or smart phone terminal, the promotion, payment, and consumption between the buyers and sellers cannot exist. Consumers have full choice of information and initiative in consumption. O2O has taken another step toward the essence of the free market, but at the same time, it has also made the O2O's boundary virtually diminished.

Again, those goods that are not easily stored and need to be ready for use are the dead spots that O2O cannot reach. As a light source for replacement parts, the energy-saving lamps in the home know when they will burst suddenly, and if the purchase of small quantities, household storage, energy-saving lamp light source is generally only a one-year shelf life, the cost of storage is likely to be more than temporary replacement The cost is even higher. O2O needs to serve such consumer demand. The cost is too high and it is of little significance.

In addition, O2O is born out of pure online shopping. In order to be green and blue, it is better than blue. In the aspect of promotion and payment, it relies too much on the super platform's traffic alms, and it cannot be a true third-party credit guarantee platform. O2O always Can't mature completely.

The credit guarantee model of the super platform is based on the business model of online shopping and express delivery. For products that have already been confirmed online for payment and evaluation, problems occur in the use process, and e-commerce platforms aiming at supporting online shopping. In the design of the model, more consumers are stunned because they still use the traditional thinking that “goods are out of the box.” The direction of O2O is to assume that the interests of individual consumers and businesses conflict, and take the principle of protecting the weak and restricting the strong, and through the store's reputation endorsement to ensure that consumers can get the full life of consumer products and services. The most effective service. This is what O2O should have, and the existing super platform is not enough.

Finally, product innovation fills in a certain kind of consumer's physical needs. Model innovation is to provide a new sense of consumption and cater to consumers' perceptual needs. Therefore, revolutionary products are easy to hold high and be lucrative. For example, Apple's mobile phones, such as windows software, such as herbal tea Wanglaoji, and revolutionary models, if only provide a new path for products (services), there is no value-added services The "pattern battle" will inevitably evolve into a "price war," and e-commerce's Taobao will do this. Xiaomi's mobile phone will do so, as will retail giant Wal-Mart.

O2O is a model of model innovation and it is naturally difficult to escape this curse. Behind the O2O model innovation, who can really laugh at the end, the competition is actually the ability to integrate resources, and more directly, the competition is the ability to control costs. Under the current situation where the value-added service innovation is weak, whoever can build and renovate offline physical distribution stores or experience stores with less cost will be the king of the O2O model. In other words, products that are too thin or for some reason (such as the tonality and positioning of the brand) cannot yield profits and cannot be the beneficiaries of O2O.

To explore the boundary of O2O is not to sing O2O. On the contrary, O2O is the commercial model that is closest to the nature of the free market in all current business models. Mana's boundless border hopes to find the most suitable stage for O2O and the fastest way to grow, so that consumers can become the real market players.

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