LED bulb / camera / doorbell Notifi all inclusive

If you're planning to install smart devices for the gates and have a headache for matching different doorbells and cameras, then you can try the integration solution. Chamberiin's Notifi attempts to solve the above problems for users.

Notifi offers LED bulbs, cameras and doorbells, and the operation of all of these functions is placed under the control of the application via a wireless bridge. There are also vendors offering similar products on the market, including Ring, Skybell, DropCam and more. However, the LED bulbs offered by Notifi make the installation process much simpler.

LED bulbs are the key to making Notifi unique. Unlike Ring and Skybell, Notifi doesn't require a battery or you need to lay the power cord to the gate. Notifi powers the 720p camera and other functions through the lampholder interface. The doorbell assembly is the only part of the solution that needs to be powered by a battery. It is connected to the home Wi-Fi network via a wireless bridge.

The product provides basic real-time video viewing through iOS and Android apps, and the camera also features motion detection. Chamberlain said they will provide cloud-based storage services for users to view video recordings. Prices for products and services are pending, but the company said it noticed that DropCam's 1080p video storage service costs $9.99 a month and they will set a competitive price for their products and services.

Notifi is not the only news that Chamberlain will announce at CES 2015. The company will also launch a Wi-Fi-based MyQ Garage product that can be directly connected to the company's smart garage device launched in 2013. The company also did not give the price of the new garage door switch device.

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