Three-phase AC asynchronous motor disassembly and assembly

Three-phase AC asynchronous motor disassembly and assembly

First, the operating technology points

1, disassemble asynchronous motor

(1) Before disassembling the motor, the connection of the motor to the external electrical connection must be removed and the phase marking must be made.

(2) Removal steps

a, pulley or coupling; b, front bearing cover; c, front cover; d, hood e, fan; f, rear bearing cover; g, rear end cover; h, out of the rotor; i, front Bearing; j, front bearing inner cover; k, rear bearing; l, rear bearing inner cover.

(3) Detaching pulley or coupling

Before dismantling, make a positioning mark on the shaft end of the pulley or coupling, and position the belt pulley or coupling slowly with the special position indicator. When pulling, pay attention to the force of the pulley or the coupling. Make sure that the resultant force is along the axial direction. The end of the puller must not damage the center hole of the rotor shaft end.

(4) Remove the end cap and extract the rotor

Prior to dismantling, make marks at the joints between the housing and the end cap (ie at the spigot) for resetting. Evenly remove the bearing cap and end cap bolt to take off the bearing cap, and then use two bolts to screw on the two items of silk holes in the end cap. The two bolts are evenly and forcefully turned inwards. (The larger end cap should be used to lift the end cap. Hang up) Remove the end cap. (When there is no top hole, you can use the copper rod symmetrically to knock, remove the end cap, but to avoid excessive knocking, so as not to damage the end cap) For a small motor out of the rotor is carried out by hand, to prevent hand-sliding or uneven force touch Wound the windings and apply cardboard pads at the ends of the windings.

(5) Demolition and cleaning of bearings

Disassemble the bearing should first use the appropriate special puller. Pulling force should focus on the bearing inner ring, can not pull the outer ring, the top of the puller shall not damage the center hole of the rotor shaft end (add some grease). Before the bearing is disassembled, the bearing should be cleaned with a cleaning agent and checked for damage and replacement.

2、Assemble asynchronous motor

(1) Blow the dust inside the motor with compressed air, check the integrity of the parts, and clean the oil.

(2) The procedure for assembling an asynchronous motor is the reverse of disassembly. Before the assembly, check the dirt inside the stator, whether the rust is removed, and whether the burrs are damaged. When assembling, reset the components according to the marks and check whether the bearing cover fits properly.

(3) The bearing assembly can use hot jacketing and cold assembly.

Second, the matters needing attention

1. After dismantling the motor, the base gasket of the motor should be placed and fixed in place so as not to increase the workload of the fitter.

2. When disassembling and installing the rotor, it is necessary to observe the requirements of the main points and not to damage the windings. Before and after removal, test the winding insulation and the winding path.

3, when dismantling and loading, do not directly hit the parts with the hammer. It should be copper, aluminum rod or hardwood, symmetrical knock.

4, before the end cap is applied thick copper wire, from the bearing assembly holes into the hook inside the bearing cover to facilitate the assembly of the outer bearing cap.

5, when using the hot sleeve method to install the bearing, as long as the temperature exceeds 100 degrees, the heating should be stopped and a 1211 fire extinguisher should be placed on the work site.

6. Cleaning agents (steam, kerosene) for cleaning motors and bearings must not be allowed to fall and must be poured into dirty oil wells.

7. The maintenance site needs to be cleaned.

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