BYD: Occupy the first-line brand market to deal with the battle of LED e-commerce channels

In recent years, after the 1980s and 1990s, the Internet generation has gradually become the mainstay of market consumption. E-commerce has developed rapidly and is infiltrating all walks of life with vigorous growth. The lighting industry is no exception. Especially with the increasingly fierce competition in the LED market, offline competition has gradually turned to online competition, LED e-commerce has become a hot word in the lighting industry.

However, LED companies, after all, as a rising star of the e-commerce platform, it is not so easy to fight the e-commerce war, facing the challenges of platform construction, talent reserve, information system, business model and so on. So, how does BYD Lighting respond?

BYD Lighting has a large number of online sales channels in the construction of the platform, including Tmall Mall, Jingdong Mall, Alibaba, Amazon, Suning Tesco and No. 1 store. The Tmall Mall platform is the largest and most complete. In order to better serve the consumers, at present, the official flagship store of BYD Lighting Tmall is being revised. The revised Tmall Mall will be more focused, more concise and richer.

In terms of talent reserve, BYD Lighting has a professional and excellent online sales team. The serious and responsible working attitude and the active and proactive service methods ensure a good platform relationship and service quality.

On the information system, on the one hand, BYD Lighting Sales Team actively collects and analyzes the market, fully understands market demand and improves product cost performance; on the other hand, in brand promotion, it makes full use of the word-of-mouth communication of old customers and actively promotes the expansion of new customers. Use traditional media and modern social media tools to increase brand exposure.

In the business model, in addition to promoting traditional LED lighting products, through innovative cooperation mode, increase product categories, enrich product lines, and make full use of existing resources, such as IC, power supply, video processing and other technologies to develop intelligent lighting products.

In view of the current development status of LED e-commerce industry, the person in charge of BYD's lighting channel sales department also said, “Although the industry is very competitive, the prospects are very impressive. The consumer market is slowly maturing, demand is growing, and who can occupy the first-line brand. The first opportunity, who can survive. And the brand's good reputation, high cost performance and excellent customer service will always be the best weapon to win."

In this battle of e-commerce in the lighting industry, BYD Lighting always believes in --

The aspiring person has become a ruined boat.

Hard-working people live up to their long-term salary, and the three thousand can be swallowed up.

(This article is a BYD submission)

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