Development trend of reversing system--Intelligent reversing into the mainstream

[Audio Network Information] People enjoy the convenience brought by the car, but when the driver reverses, there is a visually dead corner or blurred vision, which makes the reversing difficulty difficult. Parking in densely populated cities, especially in the underground parking lot of the commercial center, the narrow space is undoubtedly a test for the owners of the parking. Especially for novices, reversing is a very depressing thing. It is inevitable that some small bumps will occur, and the accidents caused by reverse collisions are also rising year by year. Therefore, the installation of the reversing auxiliary system device and the improvement of driving technology are the keys for the driver to achieve fast and accurate reversing.

The early reversing system was only equipped in high-end cars such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz, but in recent years, it has also developed rapidly under the prosperity of the automotive industry. More and more mid-to-high-end cars are starting to install reversing radars, and even some automakers are beginning to deploy reversing radars directly. From the perspective of auto parts production, many manufacturers of anti-theft devices have stepped into the reversing system. The reversing system has formed a larger industry, showing a rising demand and fierce competition.

Reversing system development trend <br> The reversing system is a safety aid for parking or reversing the car, which can inform the driver of obstacles around with the sound or more intuitive display. Usually, the reversing system consists of an ultrasonic sensor (commonly known as a probe), a controller, and a display (or buzzer).

With the development of technology and changes in user needs, the reversing system has undergone five stages of horn reminder, buzzer different voice prompts, digital/band display, liquid crystal display dynamic display, and intelligent trajectory display. The reversing system also truly integrates functions such as reversing guidance, GPS navigation, and DVD video playback. In particular, the dynamic display system begins to appear on the screen display. In addition to the more powerful functions, the reversing system is more and more refined and elegant in appearance, perfect for integration with the car.

Smart reversing into the mainstream <br> As the market demand increases, the range of supporting applications will continue to expand. After the market test, the reversing radar can no longer meet the consumer's personalized consumption demand, coupled with the technical upgrading and upgrading, the domestic vehicle will now tend to match the intelligent trajectory system.

The existing car reversing auxiliary products can be roughly divided into two categories according to the difference between sound and image: one is the sound class (represented by the traditional reversing system), and the other is the image class (the smart reversing system is representative). The traditional reversing system is mainly represented by a reversing horn and a reversing radar. By issuing a warning sound or a voice to remind the passerby to take the initiative to dodge to reduce accidental injuries. This product is less proactive for the driver. Although it can largely avoid the damage of the vehicle to pedestrians, it can not effectively find the obstacles behind the vehicle, which can easily cause scraping or collision.

The intelligent reversing system consists of four parts: a dedicated camera, a display (shared display of the car DVD host), an image processor, and a steering wheel angle sensor. The entire system dynamically displays the reverse trajectory curve on the display. As the steering wheel rotates, the reverse guide assist curve will then rotate, accurately planning the reversing trajectory, making the reversing easier, safer and more comfortable, and thus more and more owners are favored.

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